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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Young, Poor and Pregnant

Why Your Teenaged Girls Get Pregnant I work with a lot of young teenage girls and they all have a few things in common, including curiosity, misinformation about and pressure to have sex. What I hear a lot in the inner-city school I work at is that “everyone is doing it”, so the pressure to …

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Letting the Dead Die this Easter Sunday

Holding on to Dead Stuff One of the reasons we get cheated out of the most our lives can be is because we hold on to too much dead stuff. Dead relationships, dead jobs and dead dreams. This Easter, the resurrection, no matter what religion (or no religion) you believe in, can have significant meaning …

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“April”: A Quick Case Study (or more like a synopsis)

Every three months as part of my grant we have to do a report and in that report, besides asking for numbers to validate and show evidence of my value, we have to write about one client that has improved over those three months. I decided to share that client with you.  “April” April  (17 …

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