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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Defeat Unpleasant Thoughts By Ignoring Them

I recently read an article on psychologytoday.com entitled Why Our Thoughts Are Not Real. This wasn’t the first time I had read an article that talked about the fallaciousness of our thoughts and how we often misinterpret the information our thoughts give us. Everyday we are filled with thousands of thoughts, most of them aren’t even …

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Involuntary Hospitalization

Last week I did my very first involuntary hospitalization (or as we call it here in Florida, a Baker ACT) of an adult. Involuntary hospitalization or commitment is actually a legal procedure where an individual who is showing severe signs of a mental illness such as suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, self-neglect or any other potential …

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Young Stars Bright Futures Cut Short By Suicide

I have been a fan of Lee Thompson since my college days when I would find myself watching The Famous Jett Jackson on the Disney channel despite it being meant for teens between the ages of 12 and 16.  After all, here was an African-American movie star/spy who lived with his father and grandmother and got …

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Tips for College Freshmen

It’s that time of the year again when students of all ages are headed back to class, but for college freshmen, this time of year can be full of excitement and loads of anxiety that can send them packing back home or spinning into a dangerous cycle of poor choices. A few of the high …

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Resource: Why fear of discomfort may be ruining your life?

Originally posted on Marci, Mental Health, & More:
I read an article about how fear of discomfort restricting enjoying life by Leo Babuta, the full article can be found here. Think about the major problems in your life — from anxiety to lack of regular exercise to a bad diet to procrastination and more. Pretty…

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Your Plans For Your Life May Upset Those Who Are Supposed To Support You

This morning I read about Ronda Rousey, someone many of you probably have never heard of, but she is one of, if not the most famous woman in mixed martial arts and is the current female bantam weight champion. Last week Thursday she hinted in a MMA article that she may retire early and possibly …

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Attachments: How Our Very Earliest Relationships Impact Our Current Relationships

Recently a friend of mine and I had an intellectual and introspective conversation about the way we act when it comes to relationships. We discussed the ways we react to love, to break ups, to trust issues and to abandonment. It was during this conversation that I started trying to identify our attachment styles because it …

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