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Change And Inertia: Embarking On A New Adventure

I hate change, which I know is probably strange for me to say because during my therapy sessions I do a lot of what is called change talk, which is talking about and encouraging change. I generally consider myself to be an agent of change as I guide my clients through the stages of change, but I myself …

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Lessons from the Mental Hospital

This is fascinating, open, honest and timely as I just took a job at a mental hospital.

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The Trayvon Martin Tragedy And Psychology, Part Three: Cultural Stereotypes

In part two of this three part post, we discussed how psychological research suggests that people who have a gun themselves are more likely to assume that other people also have guns, even when they don’t. We have to wonder if this played a role the night when Mr. Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin, who was …

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The Trayvon Martin Tragedy And Psychology, Part Two: Cognitive Bias And Confirmation Bias

When we look at the Trayvon Martin case, we have to wonder what was going on in Mr. Zimmerman’s mind the night he spotted Trayvon Martin, an unfamiliar figure, walking through his neighborhood. Instead of looking at this as a race incident, I think it’s important that we take a look at what in psychology …

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The Trayvon Martin Tragedy And Psychology, Part One: My Personal Thoughts And Experiences With Racial Profiling

The Trayvon Martin trial began this week with jury selections that are proving to be difficult for multiple reasons. The Trayvon Martin case hits home for me for many reasons, not just because I too am an African American, but because the small city this happened in, Sanford, Florida is a suburb of Orlando, the city …

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Absent Fathers Can Lead To Depression In Teenage Girls

Father’s Day is coming up and I recently read a study out of the United Kingdom published in the journal Psychological Medicine that suggests that young girls who grow up without their fathers turn into depressed teenagers later in life. It’s well known that depression tends to effect teenage girls much more than teenage boys and …

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How The Mental Health System Is Failing Minorities

I’ve wrote a bit about how the mental health system is failing those who need it most and a lot of those people are usually poor and/or minorities. Working in an inner-city area I’ve always been valued as a licensed mental health counselor able to diagnose and treat a wide array of mental issues and refer clients …

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