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Monthly Archives: July, 2013

Allow Yourself To Have Fun

The other day I found myself feeling a lot of anxiety. It was even manifesting itself in the form of physical symptoms like a slight headache and uneasy stomach. It took sitting with myself in introspection to realize that part of the anxiety I was feeling came from me taking things too seriously and not …

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Mental Illness And Mental Retardation Are Not The Same Thing

Recently I read an online article from XXL magazine entitled 25 Lyrics Referencing Mental Illness. The article was written in response to Hip Hop artist J. Cole issuing a public apology last week after he used the words retarded and autistic in one of his newly released songs. J. Cole said in his apology letter that he regretted using …

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Working Around Your Abyss

I’m always amazed at the lengths some people will go through to hide their pain. All of us have pain, disappointments, regrets, wounds, and parts of us we wish we could hide forever, but many times those very issues are the things we need to address in order to move on and live truly fulfilled …

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Bipolar Disorder: A Snap Shot Through A Clients’ Eyes

The other day I was privileged to work with a client who had been battling bipolar disorder for over 30 years. This remarkable woman, we’ll call her Jane, first started experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder at the age of 17. In high school Jane was popular and on her way to be the school valedictorian, …

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Daniel Sommers: A Soldiers Losing Struggle With PTSD And Depression

***Warning… this post may contain language that can be a trigger for depressed and/or suicidal individuals*** Recently I read about and researched the suicide of Daniel Sommers, an Iraq war veteran who was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Gulf War Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other medical conditions after his service in the armed forces …

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Setting Up A Coping Skills Toolbox

Today I read a sign that said Sometimes you’re the statue, sometimes you’re the pigeon. It served as a good reminder that not everyday will be a good day. It’s helpful that in anticipation of those not so good days that we have a set of healthy coping skills easily at our disposal, a “toolbox” if you …

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