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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Adrian Peterson and Whipping: A Tradition That Goes Back To Slavery For Black Children

This is not a post about corporal punishment although it could be. However, with all the buzz going on about Adrian Peterson being charged with reckless and negligent injury after whipping his 4-year-old son with a “switch” that left severe welts and broken skin on the child’s legs, it had me thinking about why do so many Black parents …

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Signs Your Teen May Need To See A Counselor

Very often I have parents ask me if I think their teen needs counseling. They will tell me about different behaviors they have observed and pretty much ask me if it is “normal”. The advice I normally give is, if you think your teen needs counseling, they probably do. I have seen more instances of …

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Absolute Yes: How To Learn To Say No To The Things You Really Want To Say No To

Making decisions can be very hard to do. Making tough decisions can be even harder and even anxiety provoking, which is why many people end up either in bad decisions, a place of ambivalence or living with more angst than necessary. Many people are so afraid of making tough decisions that they simply don’t. Unconsciously …

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Reasons You Should Keep An Online Journal

I’ve wrote before about the importance of  journaling and keeping a diary in my post setting up a coping toolbox. Many famous people throughout history have kept journals such as Anne Frank, Kurt Cobain and poet Sylvia Plath.  I’ve kept journals off and on since high school and it’s great to go back and look through …

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