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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Embracing Your Teens Sexual Orientation

When I worked as a high school mental health counselor, I worked with a lot of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens who struggled with telling their parents about their sexual orientation. Many of them felt like they had to keep their sexual orientation a secret which of course caused them a lot of anxiety and …

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One Day At A Time: Dealing With A Highly Suicidal Person:

So this is a delicate post to write about so I will try to do it without giving too much detail. This week I came face to face with a highly suicidal person in possession of a firearm. As the Director of Mental Health at a county jail I deal with suicidal inmates everyday, but …

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Childhood Bullying Can Have Lasting Psychological Affects

It’s back to school time again and while parents are gearing up and are excited about the new school year, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone about childhood bullying. Often bullying is seen as a normal part of growing up, almost as a harmless rite of passage, but we have …

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