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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

I AM: The Shortest Sentence In The Written Word, The Two Most Powerful Words In The Universe

The other day I came across this picture on Facebook and it immediately reminded me of a book I read called I AM: Discovering The Power of Who You Really Are. It’s still today one of my favorite books because it helped me realize how powerful those two words truly are. The reason those two …

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12 Celebrities with Mental Illnesses – Page 2 of 13 – Lemur Network


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Setting An Intention To Pay Attention: A Crucial Step Of Mindfulness

Earlier today I was sitting in a meeting, but instead of paying attention I found my mind drifting away, thinking about other things I needed to do that day at work, what I wanted to do when I got off work, a co-worker who was in a bad mood this┬ámorning and somehow I had allowed …

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