We are Living Magnets

Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors
A Prelude

You are a living magnet. You attract into your life people, situations, and circumstances that are in harmony with you dominant thoughts.

Those words are inscribed on my sister’s wall to wall chalk board when you enter her home. I don’t know where that particular quote came from, but it sounds a lot like The Secret and The Laws of Attraction which I 100% believe, not in a pseudo-new age-science sort of way, but in a we manifest our own destiny way.

I truly believe that for the most part, we design our lives. We are natural architects of our lives, CEOs and CFOs of our lives and it all starts with our thoughts.

We have to constantly be aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts create our situations. I listen to people all the time say things like, “I’m bad with money”, “I suck at math”, “I have no luck with relationships”, etc… We have to be careful of what we say and think about ourselves because those thoughts become reality. It’s that simple , yet I’ve found that its hard to get most people to see, believe and start to change their thoughts. Even I struggle with that often enough that it has caused me to read a handful of books on the subject.

This will be the first post of several that talks about thoughts, feelings and behaviors because I believe that it is such and important and powerful part of creating the life we want and not just being passive participants or even worst, seeing ourselves as victims.

In my next post on the subject I’ll do a brief overview on rational emotive behavioral therapy which I think is a great foundation to starting to understand the way thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all connected.