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      Comment: This was a really great read, especially for me on Fathers Day. It helped re-emphasize things I already knew, but in a much more personal way. A lot of times the role of the father is minimized and fathers think they can be absent because they don’t matter that much except financially like you said. For me, I’ve seen that young girls who grow up without fathers are much more likely to be promiscuous, date older men and have multiple issues when it comes to men in general. Young men on the other hand who grow up without fathers in my experience seem to be much more likely to get in trouble, drop out of high school and have less respect for women in general. Just my observations. Men need to know that they are important and no matter how hard it is or what the circumstances are, when it comes to their kids, they have to keep showing up and being present. Thank you again for this.
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      to licensedmental.

      Thank you for your comments!

      I’ve been a volunteer with Parents Anonymous of New Jersey for about 25 years. I do support groups online for all parents and I have found that many dads benefit greatly by the interactions with mothers. It gives dads a nonjudgmental opportunity to talk freely.* Dads share their issues with moms and get tips and ideas to try. As a PA volunteer I see many of the issues as misunderstandings or miscommunications. I have also found over the years that fathers like and trust the anonymity of the online groups. So far, this live online group is the first and only Parents Anonymous parent support group that there is and it has been operating for over 15 years.

      *I find that when two fathers are in the group at the same time they seem to clam up. I believe it is the male machismo factor wherein males instinctively do not want other males to see what they perceive as a weakness. Fortunately, there are very few times when two fathers have been present in the online group at the same time. Two fathers can get past that and have success in the group but only if they understand this.

      If you would like, you are welcome to go check out the online chat room and see what it looks like. We currently have two times the groups meet weekly, even during holidays.

      Wednesdays 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST (Same as New York time)
      Thursdays 12 Noon to 2:00 p.m. EST

      Parents around the world have attended the online group in English. Time Zones are the parent’s responsibility to figure out. From New Jersey to California there is a 3-hour difference.

      The groups can be accessed through Parents Anonymous of NJs’ website by scrolling down the left side to Parent Support Group Online and then click GROUP CHAT twice. Create a screen name and password – you do not need to leave an e-mail address. That will put you into the chat room. Use the same screen name each time.


      To support the online group I created an online resource on WordPress with a link to the group, online tips and links to parenting and other resources. The “I’m a Parents Anonymous Parent” (IPAP) booklet each new parent receives is online and they can request one to be sent a hard copy if they would like.



      You are welcome to refer parents to the groups at any time. We are not a clinical support group but we do operate on the Parents Anonymous model that has a proven record of success. The link below is the National Organization.


      I thank you for your comments and reiterate “Dads are important!” I miss my father now as much as ever. People say, “Just get over it,” but there is no getting over the first man you ever know who is supposed to love you. Fathers really need to understand that. If the relationship fails it does not erase responsibility to the children to nurture and finish raising them.

      If you have any questions about Parents Anonymous or the online groups please feel free to contact me at any time: ParentRap@gmail.com



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