Does the Baby’s DNA Change if the Mother Has Sex with Another Guy While Pregnant?


I’m a strong proponent of the “there are no stupid questions” rule (in most cases), but can I propose that there are stupid statements?

The other day, an 18 year old client of mine, who is about two months pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby, told me that she hasn’t told her new boyfriend that she is pregnant because she plans on changing the baby’s DNA from her ex-boyfriend’s to her new boyfriend’s by having repeated, unprotected sex with him. I nearly passed out from the shock of her ignorance!

I explained to her that it doesn’t work like that and tried to give her a crash course in human reproduction, but she quickly dismissed me, saying that she had a cousin who did it before (the cousin was probably never pregnant the first time to begin with, but that’s another story). I was so appalled that I could’t even debate with her because apparently she knew more than I did. It just made me more concerned about our youth and our future!

I took the liberty of researching her absurd question and was shocked to find that many people have asked the same question on forums such as yahoo answers! Not only that, but they asked such questions such as, “Does swallowing semen change the baby’s DNA?” ! What is wrong with these people? I know part of the problem is that we took sex education out of schools, so now we have a whole generation of children being raised not knowing the basics of human reproduction, human sexuality and anatomy and they will soon be raising and educating kids of their own! Scary! They’re not even concerned with real things that can “change” a baby’s DNA such as the mother’s diet and toxins such as smoking cigarette’s while pregnant. These things can alter DNA and make a child more prone to things like asthma, obesity, illnesses and allergies, but they nor can anything else turn “Mike’s baby” into “John’s baby” just because the mother and “Mike” no longer are together.

Few things scare me more than the state of our children and our future and the fact that they think they know everything when they at times don’t seem to understand the essentials of life.

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  1. Well if that’s true then why is it on DNA test there is a percent of weather the guy is the dad or not explain that for me cause if your stating you can’t change that then why on a dna would you get a percentage?

    1. That’s a good question. A DNA test gives the probability of someone being the father and it goes from 0 to 99% leaving 1% for error and chance such as the fact that there is a, lets say six million to one chance that someone else has a DNA profile similar to yours. So a DNA test can never say that you are the father 100% because it is a very small chance that the woman got pregnant by someone with a similar DNA profile to yours, although that chance is likely one in six million or some astronomically similar number. Once a sperm reaches an egg, the DNA process starts and can never be changed to someone elses. It can be damaged through disease, but never changed.

      1. Hello I have been read that women keep the DNA of past partners and when they end up having a baby with their future partner that baby can inherit traits from the past partners is that correct???

      2. hi im workin at limpopo n my lady she s at northerencape n i dnt cheat to her but im surprise wen i cm home havin sex with her after that my urine burned me wen i pee n her discharge hv a bad smell wht cn b the course pls hlp me couse im in darkness

      3. Hi, I have seen where the DNA test has came back the a father was 78% the father. Now we know that once a woman has a baby she is determined to be the mother! But I have wonder for years why did it come back that my nephew is only 78% “DNA” of his dad, doesn’t that mean their is another mans sperm? Also not to for get that on Maury a women had TWO means sperm in her which allowed her eggs to split and have TWO babies with TWO VERY different father’s. …one black and one white. With that being said the question is still in the “air”….can the baby take on two DIFFERENT DNA’s? Seem like it can happen if your not careful.

      4. What you mentioned with Maury is possible if the eggs split. Then a woman can have twins who have two different fathers, but one egg (one baby) will only have one father. The 78% you are talking about I am not sure of the context. Were they saying that it is a 78% chance that the father is the father or that the baby had 78% of the fathers DNA?

      5. Hi- I just wanted to comment in regards to Ac’s question (March 14, 2016) about DNA of past partners affecting future children’s physical traits and your response of absolutely false. As unbelievable as it sounds, I believe Ac is referring to an ongoing (legitimate) medical study that so far has found some pretty bizarre and downright shocking possibilities about past partner’s DNA affecting physical traits of future offspring. When I saw a briefing of the study in a medical pub last year, I stopped for a second making sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. It’s an absolutely fascinating study if you have time to read it (I know several medical magazines summarized it and Time did an article recently, which is where AC probably heard of it). So far it has only been tested with animals, but it brings up some interesting questions about DNA and more research is being conducted. But obviously right now we don’t know if this holds true in any way for humans, and it seems like people are misunderstanding that it’s only been shown to be true for the few groups of animals tested so far, has not yet been studied on humans, and does not change the DNA, but has influenced other factors such as (in flies for example), size/traits pertaining to the previous partner.

        I’m reading through some of the questions people are asking and am downright shocked how so many people understand so little and think that paternity can be changed! You are such a wonderful person for taking the time to educate and provide kind, detailed answers. It makes me sad thinking about the scenarios some of the people asking these questions may be in 😦

      6. Hi I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not but I did have sex with my boyfriend and I don’t know about my period so I’m kinda confuse about that and I know that I had a period before December and I do have erregila period so it’s kinda hard to pen point that so I do have a lot of symptoms that I had in 2012 if I’m correct I did have cravings for strawberry ice cream I don’t really have other food cravings the last time I was pregnant 2012 I just craved for chocolate chip cookies and and different types of ice cream but I did crav for strawberry ice cream and chocolate chips cookies and salads and one other ice cream cookies and cream the ice cream and I craved for vanilla Oreos
        And I had a weird voice in my sleep that said to me your 8 weeks I didn’t really pay any attention I thought it was my head playing games but I started to feel move mint here and there I eat and then one hour I’m hungry again but for some reason I per way too much and it feels like something is heavy when I pee and the other day I have sex it was painful every sex position I was in and he wasn’t doing it hard or anything
        Iike that but I was pulling forward and said that hurt then he just
        Tried a different position and that didn’t work so then the other day we tried again it was a little bit of pain but not that much I heard that the first time your pregnant and have sex if you haven’t been doing it it’s uncomfortable the first time is it ok and if I’m possible pregnant am I’m hurting the baby when we do that I’m kinda scared to take the test because of I really don’t know how to understand how to take it I can’t really read that good I do have a comperhchine problem so I don’t have any other choice but to go to the doctor and see the problem properly so they can run test thank you for listening hopefully I can get some advice

      7. Dude mah wife was pregnant by an another man (long story) but I had unprotected sex with her while she was 3-4 months pregnant I came inside her a several tym will it change the baby’s DNA…??
        Need help sos…!!

      8. Hi i got something to ask so my ex that is pregnant for 4 month and i had sex with her and cum inside a little bit and tmr she has a DNA test my question is the baby will have the previous bf DNA or my DNA?

      9. 4weeks pregnant,and having sex with another guy,,what will happen to the baby will it is possible that he/she has two father??

      10. No, once a sperm and egg meet they become one. That particular egg is then no longer able to be penetrated or influenced by another man’s sperm. If however during ovulation you happened to release two eggs it is possible to have fraternal twins with different fathers.

    2. My girlfriend is 2 weeks pregnant by somebody else and I was wondering if we have unprotected sex more than once would the baby be mine, we both are only 16 though

      1. 1. Are you sure your girlfriend is already pregnant? Two weeks is a very short time and it is possible that she may not be pregnant and you may get her pregnant. 2. If she is indeed already pregnant than the baby will never be effected by your sperm or become part of you in anyway biologically. 3. My major concern is that she is not currently pregnant, but you will impregnate her thinking she is. Then of course, the baby will be yours.

  2. I was thinking that if my boyfriend now nuts in me that I won’t have proof to prove to my babydaddy that the baby’s his the only thing I’m really really scared about

    1. Hi Misha, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. To answer your question simply, the answer is no. If you are currently pregnant by another guy then your current boyfriend will not be able to get you pregnant or alter the DNA or “proof” that someone else is your babys father. My main concern is that you are having unprotected sex. Start using contraceptives to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. I talk to young people everyday, some who are HIV positive or have genital herpes who thought “It can’t happen to me”. Don’t be one of those people. And you also don’t want to end up with multiple kids and multiple baby daddys either. Take some time to truly invest in and focus on yourself and your upcoming child. You have someone coming who is going to be totally dependent on you and he/she will need you to be the best YOU that you can be which means your priorities are going to have to change. Start taking some parenting classes, encourage your babys father to take some too (you don’t have to go together) and make sure you are keeping up with your doctor visits so that you have the healthiest baby possible. This child deserves all of your attention starting now, which means boys and sex have to take a backseat so that Misha can focus on Misha and her child. Good luck!

      1. No offense but you sound just as ignorant and lost as the people who are asking. It has been proven that DNA stays in women from every single man she has ever had sex with forever. This is the reason why a woman who has been faithful to her man or hasn’t been living the hook up life, all the children looks the same verses a woman who has been permiscuous or a cheater to her man, all the children look completely different. Science is very broad and there are still new research to be uncovered yet the possibilities of science is like a universe of never ending discoveries. There is no limit to DNA! Do your research on Telegony, Microchimerism and Crispr… These are all truth and this is why the womans body has always taught us that it is a temple and we shouldn’t go throwing it around as if it is some kind of toy.. We create and we have the power to mutate, hence the reasons why we create monsters based on our past partners or the current!!! It’s far more than just being moral or religious but just because while some sperm exits us the remainder soaks deep down.

      2. Fake news! Tracy, please do your research on how DNA and pregnancy work before you call someone ignorant whilst making yourself appear ignorant. Telegony is a theory, not a fact or science… the only inkling of this was demonstrated in flies, not humans. Women do not absorb or retain DNA from every man they have sex with. Again, fake news. Do real research. Stop spreading rumors. None of what you said has any validity. Fake news. Fake science. Please educate yourself. Thank you.

      3. What happen if a guy swallow another guy cum. Suppose A is a person he swallowed B’s (another person) semen it happened in few years back,now A started a new life, A is married and he becamed a father, will his(A’s) child have the DNA of B’s?

        And will the A’s child have, some behavior or, something from the B’s
        Please answer this question sir

    2. Hi my name is keke. I am 4 month’s me and my boyfriend broke up. But I conceived on the 11 of July . and had sex with another man on the 13 of July. Used a condom But it broke. so who is the Father of my child?.please help me

  3. When i was six months pregnant i was talkin to someone else i knew for a long tyme and we end up having sex when i was six months but my babydaddy wants to do an DNA

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and respond. If your child’s father wants a DNA test then go ahead and let him pay for one or take you to court. If what you’re saying is correct than there is no way that the new boyfriend will be your child’s father and you should have nothing to worry about as long as you were’t being intimate with any other men during the time you got impregnated.

      1. ahh I would ask for a DNA since she has shown to run around how would the guy know if it was his if she was willing to have sex with someone else even after knowing she was pregnant.

  4. When i was 2months pregnant i was talkin to someone else i knew for a long tyme and we end up having sex when i was six months but my babydaddy wants to do an DNA

  5. When i was 2months pregnant i was talkin to someone else i knew for a long tyme and we end up having sex when i was 2 months pregnant but my babydaddy wants to do an DNA after birth.

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Go ahead with the DNA test, if you were 2 months pregnant no amount of sex with whoever will change the baby’s original DNA. Having a DNA test will just prove to the baby’s father that he is legitimately the father and give him and you some peace of mind. The worse thing either of you can have are doubts to whose the father of the baby. Good luck.

      1. My gal frd called me to her room after along time of my absence when she was 3months pregnant without my knowledge and told me to have live sex with her, when I the parents learned that she was pregnant she reported to be the responsible dad after 2 months with me wen I went with her for antinental I found that she is 5months pregnant……is there a possibility of the the kid being mine? And how much can a dna test cost be course the case is police?

    1. Being serious with God does not negate the need for sex education. Every bit of research shows that the lack of sex education (most common in highly religious areas, generally banned because of arguments like yours that youth need to focus on God and not sex) has TERRIBLE consequences, increased sex and unintended pregnancy rates, etc. Look at the questions being asked here, generally by people already pregnant. There is no way these individuals were given proper sex ed, as these are the most basic human bio questions. Sexual education does not make people want to have sex. It does not turn them away from God. But it does help them make better choices and give an understanding of consequences. It does save lives. It does prevent unintended pregnancies and abortions and HIV. Why are teen pregnancy statistics and STD rates highest in deeply conservative, religious areas by men and women who identify as highly religious?

  6. My ex was raped her ex boyfriend, and we got together when she was approximentally four months pregnant. Is it possible since I was around for so long, and so much that he came out looking exactly like me? The doctor who gave birth to him said he looked exactly like me, and she was four mouths along before we got together.

    1. Hi, that is very interesting, and it is a possibility. I think the universe works in mysterious ways sometimes. I know people who are very close to each other often some how start to look alike, so maybe that’s what happened? In any case, I hope that you, your ex and her son are doing okay.

  7. i recently had sex with a girl who believes she is already 3 weeks pregnant with another guys baby (she’s being sick a lot lately or so she says and is craving food she doesn’t like)… long story short is we had unprotected sex and i came inside her and am currently freaking out about if the baby could become mine… is it possible??

    1. Hey, thanks for taking the time to read and respond. The thing is, why would you have unprotected sex and ejaculate inside of her if she recently had unprotected sex with another guy in the first place? You have to take care of yourself. The thing is, it’s a high possibility that she was never pregnant by the first guy in the first place, and if she does become pregnant, there’s at least a 50/50 chance that the baby is yours so you’d have to wait until a paternity test can be performed to be certain either way. If she is pregnant, you want to know if that is your child or not. I have a friend who thought a baby wasn’t his, but found out 6 YEARS later that the baby really was his after he asked for a paternity test. If she was truly already pregnant, than the baby won’t be yours, but 3 weeks of “thinking” you’re pregnant isn’t enough evidence to say that she truly was pregnant by another guy. Be careful, some people actually use the “I’m already pregnant” trick to get another guy to actually get them pregnant.

  8. Hi I need some answers last period was on the 14th of november and slept with my bf on the 21st and 27th of november. I cheated on him on the 6th of dcember and I’m already 9weeks pregnant…when I cheated I was already 3weeks along..could this be the cheaters baby?

      1. Sounds about right. Make sure you are seeing a doctor throughout your pregnancy. Concern #1 should be making sure that you have a healthy pregnancy so that you will have a healthy baby. Concern #2 would then be identifying the right guy as the father of that baby. Good luck, you’re in a tough spot, but once you know who the father is for sure things should be a bit easier.

      1. Please I want to know if I sleep with my boyfriend x just once and I sleep with my boyfriend more than that and am pragnant who’s baby will be? My boyfriend or my x?

  9. I had sex with a guy in July had my period in august had sex with my new boyfriend in September and is now pregnant but the doctors keep saying I’m a month more than I am can it be possible that the baby belongs to the first guy?

    1. It could be possible. Biology is weird. People sometimes have a period when they first get pregnant, and some throughout their pregnancy. The best way to be sure would be to do a paternity test once the baby is born. You don’t want to think one guy is the baby only to find out years later it was someone else.

  10. My ex boyfriend and I got sex once and I became pregnant, I told my current boyfriend that am pregnant for him and he accepted. We have been having unprotected sex and he always cum in me. Will the baby looks like my current boyfriend?

    1. Hi Maryam, no the baby will not look like your current boyfriend. If you are pregnant by your ex then that baby will eventually look like your ex. Most babies don’t really look like anyone when they are first born so you may not be able to tell the difference, but if it is your ex-boyfriends baby, over time he will look more and more like your ex and not like your current boyfriend.

    2. I just tested for pregnancy n the test came positive (3+)and I last slept with by bf on the 7th of June could he possibly be the father?just tested on the 20th of July.please help.

  11. If I was impregnated by my boyfriend, then I slept with another person around the time I found out I was. I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant. The other guy never ejaculated in me, but since then me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex. Is my boyfriend the father.

      1. I had multiple sex in March with an African partner but conceived in June after having sex with my husband (Asian)…

        Do you think my baby will have African looks at all?

    1. I had sex with a guy at the month of April, then I had sex with my boyfriend a day after I had sex with him till the month of may then we separated later I found I was pregnant, so the doctor told me I took in April…. please tell me who could be the father of the child? Am confused

  12. Is it possible to be pregnant for one man, but if I’m having sex with a different man and he comes inside of me that the baby will have his genes/ physical traits?

    1. Hi Sarah, no that is not possible. The way biology generally works is only one sperm can impregnate the egg and once that sperm is inside the egg, no other sperm can enter. There are rare occasions when a woman has two eggs and each egg ends up being fertilized by two different men so the “twins” end up having two different fathers. However, if there is only one egg then it can only be fertilized and have the DNA/Genes of one father.

      1. The doctor said I conceived at the end month of January and I had unprotected sex with my partner on the 17 of February and cheated on the 19 without protection is it possible for the Dna to change to the cheater?

  13. hey doc how is this forums treating you now I do understand that where your coming from your stating that there is no way to turn mikes baby into johns baby even though mike and the mother are no longer together but heres my thing and somewhat need advice on my wife and I have been married for six months and had a two month break and in that time period she wound up having intercourse with my stepdaughters father causing her to now be seven weeks pregnant dating her conception period around the begining of december we didnt get back together till mid month which I have a strong feeling that the child isnt mine because as you said schools have dropped sex ed but I was one of the lucky few that still managed to recieve it before they disbanned it but I actually have a couple questions some may be mind blowing others may sound ignorant so I’ll just lay them to you as you stated that dna tests leave a 1% error so my first question to you is this is there anyway you could tell me what my chances are second question is I’m not a firm believer in abortion and do not think it should be done but due to the fact that my wife got pregnant through adultry which is a sin should she get an abortion because as I said it was by her ex not me third is a person may not be able to alter the dna in the womb by having frequent intercours or swallowing a gallon of semen but isnt our researchers in the United States trying to genetically alther both RNA and DNA in some species outside of man and if that was the case why couldn’t it be done for the homosapiens granted if it can be done it shouldnt be an excuse for women to sleep around on there significant other just because our scientists today are working on bettering the lives of our economy I know that these sound somewhat ignorant but these are all questions that have came to mind after finding out that the child has a posibility of not being mine I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

    sincerely, Nate

    1. Hey Nathaniel, thanks for your question. There is no way I can give you a definite answer of the chances of you being the father. They sound about 50/50 right now. Even when people try to predict the conception date they are often wrong. I know how you feel when it comes to thinking about abortion. I was in a similar situation when I was in college, luckily the girl ended up not being pregnant at all, but I can’t tell you what is best. #1, it would be your baby and you wouldn’t want to abort it and #2, the baby is innocent in all of this and even if it is not yours, if you love your wife you can learn to love and raise this child like your own. Everyone will have their opinion on this, so I’ll respect yours. You are right, they are doing some fascinating work with RNA and DNA, but so far none of that is legal or approved in the United States and I don’t know if it ever will because of all the legal/ethical/moral and religious questions it will stir up. This baby is growing and becoming more of more of who he/she will be everyday genetics wise, and there’s nothing you can do about it except prepare for the birth and then get a DNA test afterwards. Love this unborn child as your own now and you may find it easier to do so after he/she is born even if it isn’t yours. Good luck my friend.

  14. IVe a same issue here. When i was 12 weeks pregnant i had sex with my new boyfriend. My Son is 6 months now and his hair is very similar to my new boyfriends. Weird i was thinking maybe because we had improteced sex during my pregnancy……

    1. Hi Sarah. Not a chance. At 12 weeks your babies DNA was already locked in. Whatever features you see now are purely coincidental. There is a chance that over time your son may look more and more like your new boyfriend due to having a similar diet, leaving in a similar environment, different experiences they have together, but genetically he will always have your ex-boyfriends DNA and so will still have some of his features and traits.

      1. my gf was raped years back …she had unprotected sex with her ex-bf’s ..and had no signs or believe more like she was convinced that she cnt myt fall pregnant ..well ive always had protected sex with her until this 1 time and she fall pregnant …she goes for check-ups the baby is health shes 3months and 4weeks now having doubts …its to much of a coincident ..

      2. I know how you feel and you have the rights to have doubts. If you have that much doubt ask her for a paternity test once the baby is born. My gut instinct is telling me that the baby is yours, but you won’t feel better about that until you know for sure. Good luck, be there for her through the pregnancy because you want to make sure she delivers a healthy baby regardless of if it’s yours or not. Good luck!

      3. My x did that to me and she went back to her x then had sex with on her 12 weeks pregnant and then she come back to me so would the baby by many or not then

  15. So I have a question, i had been with my ex off and on for five years and i never got pregnant. Well i finally decided to call it quits and had met someone new but we werent in a relationship yet. Anyway i ended up having sex my ex on august 17th, 2013 and then a few days later on the 20th, 21st and thr 24th of august i ended up having sex with the new guy. Almost two weeks later i found out i was no more than 10 days along thats how the ER doctor put it. I talked to my obgyn doctor who confirmed that i convieved on august 22nd, 2013. Is it possible that my ex could be her father? i know on average the sperm only lasts about 1-2 days in a woman’s body and the egg only lsst up to 24 hours. Im just curious about your opinion on the matter. By the way i knew for a fact that i was not pregnant before that because i had taken a pregnancy test and it was negative, plus she looks and acts nothing like my ex or his other kids.
    I appreciate your opinion.

    1. Hi Stephanie… biologically it sounds like your new mate is the father of your child, but it is one of those difficult situations since sperm can live longer than 2 days inside the body as far as I know. I have heard as long as five days so there is that chance that your exes sperm made it to the egg before your new mates sperm. Are you opposed to taking a DNA test to ensure that the baby is your new mates?

      1. Hey question . My girl cheated on me .. and she is now pregnant. My question is that if I cummed in her and a literally she. Cheated and with in those days an the he cummed in her is there a chance it can have two types or dna ? It is which ever sperm count made it first is the father . I’m getting a paternity test done either way but some answer s could help !

  16. Hi doc I slept with mi ex boy friend without a condom I missed mi periods dat month then after 4 weeks few week I slept wit mi current boy friend after a month I found out I’m pregnant and mi son is having symptoms of mi currentboy friend for example mi current boyfriend is chewing his tounge and have a big forehead,skin problem also mi son have all of d above mi ex boy friend is tall nd small head is the father the current boyfriend

    1. Hi Palesa… the best way to find out for sure would be a DNA test. Babies have a strange way of looking like someone when they are young and totally different when they get older. Take my son for example, he is 18 months old now and looks a lot like me, but there were various times when he was 6 months and 12 months where he looked like someone totally different. It sounds like from your calculations that your ex-boyfriend would be the father, but biology is weird and a DNA test would be the only definite answer. There are many cases of men raising children for their entire lives not knowing that biologically, that child wasn’t his. Children have a funny way of looking however we want them to look, but if you want to be honest with yourself and your child then a DNA test is the best way to go and it will give you a sense of relief as well. Good luck.

  17. I had unprotected sex my girlfrnd and she used to cheats on me although she’s now 6weeks pregnant and i’m not yet know who the father is between I and other guy she used to cheats with..but i heard from rumours that if you can have unprotected sex with a girl while she’s impregnte by other guy you’ll get hurt….so I dont know how far is it possible…please help m

    1. You can have unprotected sex with a girl while she is pregnant by another guy and it won’t hurt you, her or the baby. Since you don’t know if you are the father or not, the best thing to do is wait until the baby is born and to a paternity test. That way if you are the father you’ll feel more confident and if you aren’t the father, than you have some decisions to make about your role in her and the babies life. At this point it is almost impossible to say if you are or are not the father.

  18. I had unprotected sex with my girlfrnd and she used to cheats on me although she’s now 6weeks pregnant and i’m not yet know who the father is between I and other guy she used to cheats with..but i heard from rumours that if you can have unprotected sex with a girl while she’s impregnte by other guy you’ll get hurt….so I dont know how far is it possible…please help m

  19. my girlfrnd had sex on 31 december 2014 with other guy and came to me on 03 jan 2015 to have sex, so we had sex and when I was alone on 08 jan 2015 I received a call from my girlfrnd and says to me that she is vomitting frequently so I began shocked even now I dont realy believe if I am the one who imprgnat her or not…I need a clarity answer that I am the father or the father that other guy?

    1. You being having symptoms after 10 days of intercourse (the sperm has to reach the ovule and this has to implant), in my opinion 5 days is not long enough

  20. Hi Doctor..I had sex with two guys in the same month..I had sex wit the first guy March 1 and the other one March 23 I had a period in between it was March 11 but it came late nd it didn’t seem normal to me I threw up on March 21 st before having sex with the other guy..I found out two weeks April 9 when my period did not show that I was. Pregnant. .the doctors gave me a Dutch date. Dec 16 2015 I had my daughter already I jus wanted. To know do you think it’s guy 1 or 2

    1. Hi, there’s a high probability that the baby belongs to guy number one as you were already showing some symptoms of being pregnant. A paternity test would be the best way to find out for sure. Are either of the guys currently in your/ the babies life?

  21. Hi,stayed with my boyfriend for agood period of time but late last year in july found out i was pregant but then seperated,after that i have slept with four different men is their any possiblilty that the child wont look like the dad and what scares me most is my boyfriens is half an indian.Need some advice cause am stressed and soon giving birth.

    1. Sorry this is so late, but if you were pregnant by your ex-boyfriend before you slept with these other men then the baby will be your boyfriends. If you weren’t pregnant than the baby could be any of the four guys. I hope this helps, try not to stress too much as stress is not good for your baby.

  22. Hi I’m in a very complicated situation I got back with my ex boyfriend on te 28th September 2014 unexpectedly and we started having unprotected sex from the 29th September onwards I found out I was pregnant and but I can’t remember having my last period as my midwife worked it out that my last period was the 21 or the 23rd I can’t remember which she said I asked her when did I get caught she said around the 5th October as I am due on the 28th june 2015 But me and my boyfriend have recently split up due to rumours going around and he’s sayig he wants a dna test but as I’ve looked back I went with a lad I was talking to and had unprotected sex with him on the 19th September? Who will be the dad as I am really worried about the dna test and who could be the dad I’m so confused

    1. I think you were already pregnant before you had sex with the second guy. Of course biology and science can be weird so there is no real way to tell until the baby is here. There’s not much you can do until the DNA test so try not to be so worried and confused. One of these guys is the dad and that’s all you know so far. Sure it’s nerve racking and uncomfortable for the three of you, but that’s all you can do for the time being is wait. Anything other than that would be largely speculation and may lead to bigger problems.

      1. So does this mean it’s the lads I had unprotected sex with on the 19th? Or my ex I had sex with on the 29th onwards? Because I got preganant on the 5th October? I need advice and help thank you

  23. Okay
    So I had sed with my boyfriends the whole last week of February with out a condom in he nutted in me everytime we broke up I was upset so had sex with my friend on the 9th of March the condom broke I took a pregnancy test March 22 in im pregnant so who baby would it be in I had my last period around February14th im freaking out cause my exboyfriend thinks it’s his but what if it’s not ??????????

    1. It’s really hard to tell with your last period. It could honestly be either guy. The best thing would be to wait until the baby is done and get a pregnancy test. I would be honest with your friend and let him know that you’re not sure if the baby is his or not. It sounds like your ex wants the baby to be his, but no matter whose baby it is, I hope the guy does the right thing and helps you take care of him/her. Good luck.

      1. Well I was off my period on the 22nd of February in we was having unprotected sex the whole time from February 22-March 1 so wouldnt be my exboyfriend cause don’t you ovulate when you just get off your period in he was butting in me everytime so wouldn’t it be my exboyfriends ?

  24. Any conception has the DNA of the mother and father – period. People who are ignorant of science may believe many things but science does not lie. On rare occasions there were twins born of different fathers from the same mother; two eggs and one sperm from each father.

  25. Hi.. I had sex with a guy on January 2 of 2013 I came on and I came on my cycle in February of 2013 also, but I got back with my husband on March 3 of 2013 and we had sex, but when I didn’t see my cycle for the third wk in March I went to the clinic and they said I was a month pregnant.. Is it possible that the baby could be the first guy or my husband… I’m so confused

  26. hi doc, i need to know this,.. I feel like having sex frequently and watch porn but problem is that my boyfriend is not near me and im five months pregnant.. What i would love to know is that can i have sex with a diff guy who didnt impregnate me and will my baby be okay?

    1. Use protection if you’re going to do that in order to protect you and your baby from STDs, but if you are in a committed relationship, try talking to your boyfriend and see if he can’t find a way to give you what you are looking for without you having to be with other people.

  27. i have read al ur complains n i wnt 2 lay my. I ws avin sex wit ma ex n met ma boyfriend dt very mnth n i tok in last may 2014. I gave birth feb 2015 n noticed dt d baby luks lyk ma ex bt am living wit ma new boyfriend bt he has nt said anytin cos pple say dt d baby luks lyk me, d mother. Wil d baby’s face change in future or wil she grow wit it? Am scared of losing ma man or wil ma ex shows up in future 2 claim her! Pls help

      1. Hi I had unprotected sex on eArly hours of 18th august 2014 and cant remember if I had A period after that or not but would of been due on end of that month/beginning of September….I also had more unprotected sex with someone else starting a couple weeks after that. I’m now just over 32 weeks pregnant , I’m pretty sure the baby is the second persons. ( I’m due 9th june 2015) I had my first scan which if I was 12 weeks would of been the first guys. But I was actually 9 weeks+1 day on 10th November so rebooted scan for 4th December and I was just over 13 weeks. Need advice as I’m a bit worried as I know scans can be a bit wrong but my midwife seems to think baby was conceived in September and done the conception calculator which says September too but I can’t help but worry. Thanks.

      2. If both you and your midwife have determined that the conception was in September I would go with that and try not to worry much as stress can cause harm to the unborn child. If once the child is born you still have doubts, then do a paternity test just to give you, your baby and the babies father reassurance. For now, try not to worry about it so that you can have the best mentally and emotionally healthy environment for your unborn child.

  28. I was 1month pregnant with my bf baby but I was having sex with another man to in I’m still havin sex with both of them and he want a DNA test what should I do

  29. Hi I’m 1 month pregnant but my husband leave me already after a few days I had a sex to my ex boyfrnd 😓but iknow alreDy I was pregnant.b4 I had sex to my ex.i just wana know if wat the out come of baby lok like?pls help me

  30. I just afraid dis time 😔I was one month pregnant to my husband but after a 5 days he gone I had sex to my ex lovers😔my I know if something conflict to the baby to having a sex to other guy?pls help me dis thank u

    1. Hi I had my last period august 18 been having sex with my hubbies until sept.1 then cheated on sept.4 but the guy pulled out whose baby am I carrying

  31. If I am 4 weeks pregnant by one man and swallow another mans sperm, will that change anything who I am pregant by? Anything at all?

  32. Hi, in march 22 i got my period n was having unprotected sex with my bf n ive being having some symtoms lately, so ive being seeing another guy n we had unprotected sex more worried does the baby will look like my 1st or snd bf….

  33. Ibeen on depo for a year never really had a period besides spotting …. oct on the 29 th islept with guy a then nov 5th-12th islept with guy b iwent to the hospital dec 18th 2014 for gushing out blood it lasted for three days on and off it was heavy. The doctors gave me 2 pregnancy test & 2blood test and they all came back negative well iwent to the clinic for a check up and to get my depo in feb 27 15 and they told me i was pregnant did i get pregnant before or after dec 18 th 2014 After dec 18 abt an week later islept with guy b again is there a possibility it cood b guy a … In feb. Istarted having morning sickness & weight gain

    1. It sounds like you most likely got pregnant after December 18th, which is my birthday by the way! It also sounds like it’s probably guy b’s baby, especially if you didn’ t mess around with buy a after December 18th. Good luck.

  34. I had my first scan in march & the baby measurements put her at the age of 19weeks im just confused would the test have been accurate ?

  35. Im 4 months and I will be 5 in May and I been with my boyfriend since the end of November but when he comes he kinda pulls out but before he does he holds it in hard idk if he cums when he does that sometimes but I need answers and I messing with 1 person cause he cheated on me first and the Guy use to WANNA do it all the time but I never let him in just let it lay in between my legs because I couldn’t stand to cheat just because he does but I need answers who baby could it be ????

    1. Hi Kennesha. If you didn’t actually have intercourse with the second guy, then chances are the baby is your boyfriends. There’s something called pre-cum that sometimes comes out of a penis during sex before the male ever cums or feels like he is going to cum. You can get pregnant from that which is why pulling out isn’t the best way to not get pregnant. Also, if he is holding it in really hard before he pulls out, chances are some ejaculate is still oozing out before he pulls out so I think it’s more likely you got pregnant from your boyfriend then this other guy. Good luck.

      1. I have a problem and am very confused on 13th july i sleept with a strang sugar daddy we didnot do much we were doing it at his car he did sperm on me we did one round then i get home im staying with my current boyfriend i forgot to bath that same day after one hour from coming to that sugar daddy i sleept with my current boyfriend on that same day is it possible that sugar daddy is my child’s daddy

  36. Plus he believes it’s his my boyfriend really does and im just nerves but I ask the other Guy when he got off by having it in between my legs did he come or wat ? He said no and my boyfriend has had females lie day they was prego and they WASNT but since k got proof he is Soo happy him and gif fam me im just insured about things please I need answers

  37. I was conceive November 27 I slept with my boyfriend that day we broke up I got drunk and had a one night stand with another guy in December on the 2Nd I’m just curious on who’s baby I’m caring but I’m due 8/20/15

    1. That’s a really hard call being that they are so close in dates. Your baby will be here very soon, I think I paternity test will be the best way to know for sure. If you were already pregnant before Dec. 2nd, then it would be your boyfriends baby.

  38. I had sex with a guy January 25 he came outside of me because I saw it myself he did it on my belly he says he pre cum inside me. On February 18 I had unprotected sex and this guy did cum inside me.. well I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant doctors say I conceived feb 21 according to measurements on ultra sound I just wanna make sure my baby father is the one from feb?

  39. I had sex on the 12th of Sept. with my then boyfriend…… And cheated on him on the 15th of Sept. wit my Ex of 3yrs…..I ovulated on the 17th..and found out I was pregnant on the 29th….could this be my RX of 3yrs baby…(last mens was the 3rd of Sept)

  40. Hi doc,

    I was invovled with young lady that came up pregnant and had a surgical abortion. I was approched by my best friend that this young lady was wanting to have sex with him not even a week later.

    I understand that after an abortion you can get pregnant with in 7 to 10 days. Im concerned can my dna linger around and come up on a dna test if she gets pregnant from someone else. Cause I still feel she will try to do anything to trap me .

      1. Hello, I have a great big dilemma. I had my period on Nov. 6th. AFter I had sex on the 15th with a guy who didn’t ejaculate, then I had sex with a different guy on the 17th and 20th who did ejaculate both times… However when I did a ultrasound the doctor put my due date at Aug. 8th instead of the 13th basically putting my period was on Nov. 1st when I know it wasn’t. Now I’m highly unsure of the father. Any advice and would you be able to explain the doctors logic.

  41. Hello, I have a great big dilemma. I had my period on Nov. 6th. AFter I had sex on the 15th with a guy who didn’t ejaculate, then I had sex with a different guy on the 17th and 20th who did ejaculate both times… However when I did a ultrasound the doctor put my due date at Aug. 8th instead of the 13th basically putting my period was on Nov. 1st when I know it wasn’t. Now I’m highly unsure of the father. Any advice and would you be able to explain the doctors logic.

    1. The dates are close, but I would put my money on the guy who ejaculated twice. While it is possible to get pregnant even if a guy doesn’t fully ejaculate by pre-cum, it’s much more likely to get pregnant by a guy who does ejaculate as the number of sperm, thus the greater the risk of pregnancy is higher.

  42. Hey okay I had sex with my ex not knowing that I was already pregnant by my boyfriend but the point is he actually believe that this baby is not his but I was only having having sex with him at the time not my ex when I found out I was pregnant I was already five months &&’ this is no way my ex’s baby

    1. You know better. You know you were already pregnant before you had sex with your ex. That’s not going to change so don’t let your ex or anyone else try to get into your head and fool/confuse you about what you already know.

  43. I was just wondering if you have unprotected sex while your pregnant, does the sperm go into the uterus like it would if you weren’t pregnant and if It messes with the baby?

  44. Hy doc I had ma periods on march btwn 18th to and ma bf had a fyt on the 27th of march. I had slept with him then n on the 5th of april I slept with someone n on the 11th I slept with the same n ma bf get back together on the 14th n we had sex on that day.n I found out that im pregnant on the25th of it possible that the child is ma bfs.

  45. im having unprotected sex with a new boyfriend an its about eight months now he is not babbydaddy is it possible the baby look like him?

  46. Pls i need a answer to this am pregnant for six month now, and have has sex with alot of guys without portion and most of them release in me. I don’t no than that was pregnant now i know what can i do?

  47. I read the post but not the comments, and of course it doesn’t change the DNA but does it hurt the baby in any way?

    1. Hi Kennedy. Sperm in the vagina doesn’t hurt the baby at all. The only way the baby will be effected by sperm is if the woman swallows because to some extent the baby will end up ingesting the sperm too. Will that hurt the baby? No, sperm is largely protein. Is it gross for the fetus to ingest sperm, especially of a man that’s not it’s father? In my opinion, yes, So no, it doesn’t hurt the baby in any way.

  48. hi doc, my girl nd i had sex frm th 27th of march 2015 until the 6th of april, nd on the 8th of april she slept with another man, and her last period was on the 3rd of march and never went on her periods in april, and we went to the doctor for ultrasound and pointd that she fel preg on the week of the 27th, bt whn she found out she ws preg she thought it was the other guy’s bby…is it mine?im confused

  49. hey i had sex with mi bf november 3, 13,19,26 & the 28 also the 30.. but i end up having sex with an ex on the 23 of november while me & my bf was sperated.. i found out i was 6 weeks pergnant on christmas eve going on 8 weeks.. who could it be by.. my bf or mi ex.. pleass answer my question

    1. Hi, with dates so close it’s really hard to tell. I would just wait until the baby is born and do a paternity test. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out who’s the father at this point. Right now what’s most important is the health of your unborn child, which means for you not to stress out too much!

    1. No Keke, that is not true? Where are you getting this misinformation? If that was the case there would be a lot of sick men around here and there would be less need for a paternity test because the men would know they weren’t the ones who got the woman pregnant because they got sick after sex, so no that is not true.

  50. Hi dOc,im a 21 year Old last year October I was admitted tO hOspital nd got out in november…i think i last had my periods on september so wat happened was i did not go to my periods while i was in hospital then when i got discharged i slept with this other guy without protection,january this year i found out that im pregnant so could it be possible that i went to hospital already pregnant because i thought maybe it were the injections i got frm hospital that stopped me from gettin my periods…plz help me

    1. Hi, it is possible that you could have been already pregnant when you went to the hospital, but there’s no real way to know for sure. If you are getting prenatal care they can probably better help you narrow down the date of conception. Good luck.

  51. Hello. Situation is complicated. I had sex with my boyfriend on Monday and Tuesday of last week (he always pulls out but I am not on birth control) and then I got drunk and went out that Tuesday night and cheated on him with an older guy. The older guy has a vasectomy and tested zero on sperm count. All last week was my “fertile days.” My question is if some of my boyfriend’s precum did happen to make it up to my tube where an egg would be dropping (my period app said I ovulated Thursday) then would the older guy who I cheated with’s DNA have any effect to that sperm? Like could it connect to the Precum sperm and mix and all that fertilize one of my eggs? I let the older guy cum in me because he had a vasectomy. I know I know, it was such a big mistake!

    1. If it is your boyfriend that got you pregnant than no, the older guys sperm would have absolutely no affect, but without 100% proof of the zero sperm count from the older guy, it’s more likely that he may be the father.

  52. I had an period April 5th to the 9th heavy bleeding . But an hour before my period came on I had sex April 5th and my ex nutted in me .
    Then April 15th I had sex with my new bf and now I am 8 weeks pregnan

  53. if a woman has had sex with a man 3 weeks back and had sex with anada man one week back, and the doctors say she is 3 weeks preg, is it posible that the doctors were wrong she actual is one week preg, can the ultrasound scan lie about how many weeks you are maybe say you are futher with your pregnancy when you not???

  54. Hi, I’m 3 months pregnant and i had sex with another man and i was wondering if it’s possible for the baby to be the other man that i had sex with baby instead of the original person like can it be possible at 3months pregnant to be the other man baby

  55. I had sex wth my ex boyfrnd on da 20dec 2013 and by dat time da other lady was 5 months preg for him wen i told him dat iwas preg he denied da preg it was mid jan bcs he was newly engaged.on the 1 mach i had sex with my new bf i gave birth t a beautiful lil gal who looks identical to da lady who was preg with my ex ex says my baby looks like his baby because i was always thinking of da baby his?

  56. Hiya just to put my mind at ease i need to know for sure that my boyfriend is the father. Ive been with my partner for many years and i fell pregnant late sept/early oct and i had my first scan on the 10th of dec and it says i was 12weeks and 4 days but me and my partner was having problems,i know this is wrong but i had sex with another person onthe 19th of dec, im going crazy constantly thinking somehow this other person is the babies dad even tho i know he aint deep down so doc can you jus confirm this for me and that the baby has no chance of being the other guys,im nearly 39weeks now, due on the 20th june…thanks.

  57. hi just found out that am pregnant on the 2 of may 2015 an I went to the doctor on the 9th of june n the doctor said am 6months pregnant n I if am 6months then it means I fell pregnant on december but the guy who I was dating we patted ways on the 30 of that december an I had a new boy friend of which we have had unprotected sex many times.
    from the 10th of january…who is the father the 1st guy or second guy

  58. My husband was drank and have sex with
    A girl who already have sex with many guys.they went
    for DNA test its says that she pregnant from my husband
    So can the DNA prove wrong.

  59. I was a couple weeks pregnant in march . And the last week I had sex with someone will the dna of the baby change since I was already pregnant

  60. hi if i was already a couple weeks pregnant in march at the end of the month i had sex with someone else does the dna changes in the baby . i need to no asap

  61. hi doc, on the 26(@ 23:00),27&28 May, I had sex with my boyfriend and he come inside me,and on the 28th May I took morning after pill, the one that you can take within 72 hours & on the 6th June I slept with another guy and he came inside me, my periods were late for June so I took a pregnancy test on the 21 June, the pregnancy test said im 3 weeks pregnant, so is it possible for the morning after pill not to work? please help, im stressed ?

  62. Hi doctor 🙂 The last time I had sex with my ex was in the end of January.. We broke up and I started having sex with my new guy two weeks later.. I had two periods (Febuary & March) since I started having sex with my new guy and haven’t had sex with anyone else since I started having sex with him. The first day of my last period was March 17th… I missed my April period and found out I was pregnant April 17… Could there be a chance that my ex is the father?? I think I’m for sure its the new guy’s baby but I just thought to be EXTRA sure lol.. Thanks in advance for reading my post Doc! 🙂

  63. I had sex with my ex boyfriend unprotected he cummed inside of me. And then I had sex with another guy three days after protected but the condom ripped. And we are not sure if the cum went inside. Is it possible to have my ex-boyfriends baby or am I having this guys baby. Not sure how this works.

  64. hi i had my period on the 8 april and had sex with ma new boyfriend but he did not enter me and i had sex with my old guy 6 and he entererd me but the ultrasonic und is telling me am 17weeks pregnant.want to who the father is

  65. Hi, I have a pregnancy question. So, I am currently 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My baby’s due date is September 27, 2015. I was with this guy for 2 months having unprotected sex, but I was on the pill. Back in November me and him broke up. I still got my period for the month of december but have quit taking the pill. During december I was having unprotected sex with a new guy. But I still got my monthly cycle (period). I had missed my period since Jan. and took a test in March and it came back positive. So, is it possible my ex boyfriend from november could be the father of the child I’m currently carrying?

  66. Ok so my question is would the father of my child be my ex boyfriend or the old friend.? Here’s the details I’m due in December the beginning of December at that I have only been sexually active with my ex boyfriend for a whole year never had any affairs with anyone so in march we were together I had my period nd was off of it March 10th. Ok so we had sex numerous times after that unprotected Everytime (stupid right) I know😔 but anyways we ended up breaking up March 28th… So April comes around I see he messing with some new girl but I was still stuck on him I would try to talk to him nd he would treat me so wrong, so on April 1st I met with an old friend we needed up having protected sex for like 3min exact more like a quickie ! I never had an April period like I normally would have at the beginning of each month like the 3rd or 4th when it usually would come. I go to get a pregnancy test April 30th they tell me I’m 7 1/2 weeks pregnant I immiediatly kno it’s my ex boyfriends couldn’t be the person I had sex with early April I wouldn’t be so far along right? I then find out I was already 2weeks pregnant march 17th . That’s when I knew Forsure my ex was the father anyways once he found out I had sex with someone while already pregnant he doesn’t believe the child is his anymore is there a possibility that it’s not as to it being that when I had sex in April I was already pregnant ? Is it Forsure that my baby will have my ex boyfriends DNA I believe it’s Forsure his but since I had sex in April while pregnant nd didn’t suspect it till not having an April period at all I’m confused . Who do u believe is the dad between these two based on the information given .

  67. Hi im 8months pregnant with my ex baby and i have a new boyfriend we have sex alot and he comes in me alot is it possible that i would have twins and is it go.e be possible the baby dna change

  68. This is pathetic… This whole freaking page is asking you to guess who the father is… Such lunacy. I am honestly blown away by the amount of patience you have… So… with that being said… where did you learn patience? And how can I improve mine? By the way, I’m single right now (after a woman of 13 years cheated on me 2 days prior our wedding, got pregnant and left…married other dude…) Two years have almost gone by since then. And I’m working on myself whenever possible…cus….I can’t trust anybody and….that’s just I s’pose the only thing that fills the time.

    With that being said, I feel as if for now, marriage is an outdated concept… and when courts unfavorably align bias with females, while updating modern law, but excusing the enforcement of said law, for further political correctness….it only exacerbates the issue(s) and endows some serious resentment and contempt for the exact labors and principles that brought about refinement…

    Other than that cheers and try not to blow up like I would. Honestly, I would have begun flipping a coin to choose which man… 1 or 2… a, b, c or d. Maybe e? What does it matter? You’re only going to repeat yourself for the 712th time. Write it once. It’s not your fault if they can’t value a straight sentence, instead longing for the answer to come from you personally… Such egos… Don’t you have stuff to do in your own life too? Good day to you.

    1. Hey Robert, i appreciate your honesty. Sometimes it is frustrating, but I’ve worked with a lot of high school females and I think that is where I at least learned patience when it came to this type of issue. Honestly sometimes I do get tired of those questions, but I never grow tired of trying to help people figure out their lives. I understand everything you said 100% and understand how you feel now about trusting women. You’re working on yourself which I applaud you for and maybe one day you’ll be ready to trust and love again, just be patient with yourself. There goes that word again. Thank you again for your comment.

  69. Hey , my question to you is …. I have recently had sexual activity unprotected with two sex partners … One was June 17th and the other was June 23rd & now I just recently founded out I was pregnant. I’m skeptical on who would be the father 😩 but I had gotten sick nd noticed body changes After the 23rd

  70. On April 3rd I had intercourse with my boyfriend. Then on the 5th my ex made me have sex with him. Then on the 9th I had intercourse with my boyfriend. I got pregnant around April 8th. Is there a higher possibility it is my boyfriends or my exs.

  71. I had sex aug 29th with a guy and then my bf all sept and in oct. my last period was in oct due date was july 15. who is the father

  72. I had an abortion for my ex-boyfriend, I noticed I was pregnant for him 3 weeks after I left him and after the abortion, my new boyfriend had unprotected sex with me 4days after the abortion, now I saw my period 6days after the abortion buh it was nt regular, it came just for one day, I started feeling the symptoms of being pregnant again n when I did the pregnancy test again I found out dat am pregnant… My question now is ‘was d. First abortion successful?’ And who owns d pregnancy btw my ex and my new boyfriend? Pls reply fast…its urgent… Thanks in advance

  73. Hi I was on a birth control called implanon && it was removed October 24 && I was having unprotected sex wit one guy but I was taking pregnancy test all November I met a new guy December 12 and we been having unprotected sex until this day but I did get a positive test December 19 who can my child father be

  74. I had sex with my unprotected girlfriend on Sunday and she had unprotected sex with her ex-boy friend on Tuesday (subsequently on going sexual activity) same week and she is pregnant, who is the father of the baby?

    If I impregnated her, will having sex with her ex boyfriend change the look of the child from mine to her ex-boyfriend?

  75. Hey doc, i last had sex with the baby father on the 28th of october 2012 then november i missed my periods i dd a pregnancy test end of november it was possitive bt i went on my periods in october, then i had a bby on the 7th of july 2013 is it possible tt he is not the father? Bcs he is dennying tt he is the father

  76. Hello, okay I only have a few questions I hope to hear back 🙂
    1 how long does sperm stay in the vagina?
    2 is it possible to have 2 men be the father of one child?
    I had sex with my ex the 2 days prior of him leaving to Florida(march) (broke up) but I got my period the next month(april) ( I know you can still have your period while pregnant) but during the time of my period I had sex with a different guy(new bf .)A month ago give or take a few days I found out I was 3 weeks pregnant.
    My due date was 1/20/15 instead my son came 6wks early(12/13). Is it possible my ex is the father or my son or did my son Just so happen to come early?
    Thank you 🙂

  77. Hi I am 12 weeks 3 day pregnant the dude I am suppose to be pregnant by just got out of prison in May and we had sex two days later I had just got my birthcontrol taken out I told him to use a condom but he was in a rush to get it was on July 14 I found out I was pregnant and I was 7weeks 3days can that be right but I was have sex with another man but we had on a condom so now he think the baby is not his cuz I’m have sex with another dude without a condom and we just did it twice but now I’m 12 weeks 3day can anything change with the dna or can anything happen with my baby

  78. thank u very much for replying dr, im just trying to figure out who is th father between th one who is three weeks apart and the one who is five weeks (another month) apart from gestational age(lmp)…but th ultrasound say im 2weeks apart from gestational whereas i wasnt having sex tht week or thtat whole month for tht matter, except towards th end which is th 3weeks apart guy

    1. Hi doc. What if 7months pregnant , and having sex with another guy ? What should be effect? Isn’t change the DNA of the bb ? It does not appear in the DNA from the original father ?

  79. I pregnant for my husband on september 2014, so i travel in the same month, i came back on february 2015 when i came back me and my husband went for scan that same february and result come out that i’m 2 1/2 months of pregnant, still now i’m not yet born… What cause that

  80. Hi, I just found out that I’m 5 mnth pregnant and I told my boyfriend and my family as soon as I knew. I know it hard to believe bt my boyfriend is saying he’s not the father and he’s demanding for more unswers like why did I tell him now.I always told myself that ill be back on my period, I guess stipidity and carelessness took it place, now I dnt knw what 2du I’ve been sleeping wth him even when I found out. I know that it late bt the docter said I got fertile on march and I cheated on him wth another guy. I assume hez da1 cz da scnd guy w only met around may n start doing unprotected sex, I wz alrdy preg cz evn ds guy kept on asking that did I ever got into my period since I dated with him while not going to my period, plc help ?

  81. When I was one month Pregnant, I had sex with my new boyfriend without a condom thought my whole Pregnancy can my son have some of his DNA….

  82. My husband nuts in me every time we have sex. We have sex at least everyday or 5 days out of the week. I recently slept with someone else and the condom broke my question is. Could their be a possibility that he is the father even though me an my husband have sex all the time and he nuts in me every time?

  83. I was with this gal for 7 years when sometimes she used visit her mum in town she became pregnant when she was 5 months pregnant I get sick after I finish to go have sex with her’ I lied to her after two days that the doctor saying m sick because of she did have sex with some’ she accepted that she did cheat me’ my point is de time I go to check up they said I was infected but never told me what kind of infection I was feel cold when it hot what I wanna know is will u sick if u can slip with a women whose 5months pregnant even when u r the the one pregnant her? will u sick even when u not the one pregnant her? k after they baby born the did send me pic of him telling me m the father @the time she was with her mum at town. de point is I did provide them with anything for four months coz I was having financial problems after that four month the change and saying m not the father’ I don’t know where her mum stays even to accept to do DNA test what step to do to get them and do DNA test? will I lay charges again them if may be I can found out is my baby?

  84. I slept with a person who’s about 3-4 weeks preg without protection….

    I’ve been feeling weak and tired lately….despite that i’ve been sleeping with her before without protection…at that stage….i wasnt feeling like this….

    What might be the cause?

  85. Hi, I had my period from Aug.30-Sept.4, which made me fertile from Sept. 5-Sept.11. The guy I had sex with on Sept. 5 and 6, we didn’t use a condom and I think there is a chance where some pre cum got in me. A week later, I had protected sex with another guy and the condom broke as he was pulling out, I immediately went to the drug store not even and hour late and purchased the morning after pill (Next Choice) and took it as soon as possible. My questions is, whos baby is it. Guy 1 or 2? And I was told I ovulated on Sept 10 or the 11.

  86. Hi I no my baby will be my exes blood baby dna but I was wondering if having sex with my new parent sinces I was 4 weeks prengant could change how my baby looks as he’s come out looking like my boyfriend?

  87. pls am sure dat am two weeks pregnant by my ex and I had unprotected sex with my new bf will my baby have two fathers?

  88. If had sex with two man the same dayandn
    First man didn’t ejaculated through my vagina but I had sex with another man and dat person ejaculated through my vagina two time and another ejaculation the second day making it 3 times and three days later i started my ovalution,who is possible to get me pregnant between them. Pls direct the answer to email back.

  89. I had Sex on August 8. And on 20Agust i had sex with a another man without knowing im pregnant. on sept 4. i got sick n went to hosp i found dat im pregnct. i had reptdly sex with de second man. could he b de father?.

  90. Hi Doc. Im Pretty Confused About Something Here .. Is It Safe To Actually Have Unprotected Sex With A Guy Who Didnt Impregnant You .. Without Him Getting Sick Or Something Although Ive Past My 3Months.

  91. I had too much to drink one night and i had sex with my ex, the next morning my boyfriend came over and I had sex with him. Not one of my proudest moments. but now im 6 months pregnant and im not sure who’s the father. is it my ex or my boyfriend.

  92. hey…..if i am physical relation with my girl friend so how many days to come in DNA k my phsical relation with her?????

  93. i was pregenent of one month and it was confirmed but after that i had sex with my boyfriend. he intercourse but not discharged inside. i am back to husband now.
    but after that i am having the problem of cloating and infection.i am 18 weeks pregenent now. now doctor suggested a test for baby, whether the baby inside the womb is infacted or not.
    if infacted than they have to abort the child.
    i am also scared about the report, it may not interpret that this infection caused due to sex with an other person.
    kindly guide me

  94. i was one month pregenant and it was confirmed and i have sex with an other person,he didnt discharged inside than back to my i m 18 weeks pregenant. and having the problem 0f bleeding,cloating and infection. doctor suggested me a test whether infection affect the baby in the womb.. if yess…than doctors hv to abort the baby.
    i need to know whether the report will tell that all cause bcz of sex wth another person…
    medically proved?????

  95. Good morning Dr
    I am so confused here. I had unprotected sex on the 12th July with the other guy, and I had my periods on the 14th July until 19th July so it was usually the blood was not light. On the 24 to 25 July I had unprotected sex with another guy. I was supposed to have my periods on the 3rd to 7th August but I only have it for one day and the blood was light. on 14th August I checked whether I am pregnant or not I found out that I am pregnant.
    I went for scam they said I am 16weeks and 4days how come because I went on periods on the 14 to 19

  96. Hi Doc.. I had sex with a guy last October 9, 2015 but he cum outside. Then i had sex with my Boyfriend October 13, 2015 he cum inside of me. Then i had sex with the guy again last Oct.16, 2015 and Oct 25th both cum inside but i did released it. And then i had sex with my boyfriend on the 27th. Now my problem is im pregnant.. I had my last period Sept. 25(estimated date). I just wanna know if is it my boyfriends baby? or the other guy? Thanks Doc!

  97. Hi Doctor I have an irregular menstraul cycle I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected April12 and I slept with my ex April13 we used a condum so April24 i had conceved and I don’t know who is my son father my baby due date is jan14 please help

  98. My question is not if the baby’s DNA will change… I want to know if I have a protected sex with my baby daddy will the baby be more likely to look like him?

  99. hi I would like your advise, I had sex with some guy I meet on the 6 of August and the other week i had sex with my bf then October I did pregnancy test then I found out that I’m preg, on the 30th of October I went to the doctor and she told me that I’m 14weeks 2days pregnant now I’m not sure who make me pregnant my due date is on the 26th April 2016, I’m scared and confused don’t wana hurt my bf please help

  100. hi doc eish i got problem I have a friend hu is pregnant with another man so she want to have sex wth me she is 8 months pregnant can I do that or not?

  101. I had sex with my partner and got to knw got pregnant next day..within 2 day I had sex with my onother bf..can the baby will change ? from new one

  102. First day of LMS was on June 6th. I’ve had sex with my husband every Friday or Saturday until July 3rd. Then we broke up. I had two one night stands on July 11 & July 12. I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and will be due on March 9th or 12th. Is the father my husband? Or the guys I messed with in July? It said I conceived on the 27th or so. I also found out I was 5 weeks pregnant on July 12th the same day I had one of the one night stands. Is it possible for any DNA changes or anything or is the DNA locked for good? Sorry. Just paranoid.

  103. Please answer this question. I had sex with three men in the last two days. One protected but the condom broke. The other two unprotected the same day. But one said he couldn’t have kids. If I was pregnant who baby would it be

  104. Hello Dr. My girl is 6months pregnant now. She and I broke up and after few week she called and told me she was pregnant and we always had protected sex so it was shocking however I accepted it b/c it’s my first however, I found out the pregnancy is not mines b/c she’s still text her ex boyfriend telling him that she still love him and gonna keep his baby but use me instead. But two weeks ago, since I decided to have unprotected sex with her cuz she claim the pregnancy was mine she start to relent and disagree so I got upset and force till we had sex and after that I start to thing twice that that the baby will not b mines. But am worried after her birth will the baby have my Dna or the original father?

  105. Am three months pregnent and my boyfriend deny the pregnentcy.My current boy was told am pregnent alread, so we made love(sex).Now my old boyfriend is now ready to take responsibilties whom will DNA prove to be owner.

  106. Hi doc m name is Theodore, i slept with my boyfriend on the 8 November 2015 and we were trying for a baby along time but i was not conceiving and the next week i slept with the other guy on the 16 November 2015 then after two weeks o found out that I’m pregnant, i want to know who os my baby father? My boyfriend or the ther guy

  107. Hi I have a situation here, I’m trying to pin point who’s my baby daddy I had unprotected sex with X bf on the 21st May and on the 4th day which was the 25th May I saw my period I’m still puzzled I’m not sure if that was implantation or my monthly period I normally had my monthly period around that time, 31st May I had sex with my bf. My first edd for giving birth was the 15/02/16 and my second one is the 23/02/16. I’m currently stressed and confused I have told both the guys about my pregnancy and The X bf wanted a DNA test after birth unfortunately he passed on about 3wks back eish. Please shed a green light on who might be the father if it’s the guy who passed away than I should start drinking African herbs and get cleansed

  108. Hi I have sex with guy 1 on Nov 3 and 7 and I have sex with my boyfriend Nov 17 and 27 my last menstrual period first day is October 27 and I have a pregnancy test on DEC 5 and I got positive result. i really dont know the father of my unborn child I’m afraid. I love my boyfriend..

  109. After my 5 weeks pregnancy confirmed by ultra sound..
    I had intercourse with my new fb is that change my babies dna

  110. Please help me. My ex gf was 2 weeks pregnant by me and she left out of state and cheated on me and she told the truth that she cheated on me and that he came in her . is it possible it could be his too?

  111. Hi .. What if 7months having a sex with another guy
    Without using condoms isn’t the DNA of The bb would be change? Or the original partner can still appear on his DNA? Isn’t harm ? And what kind of harm?

  112. Me and my boyfriend now split up about march last year and i met this other guy and had unprotected sex with him (he’s really white) and we had been seeing each other until beggining of april then i left him and got back with my now boyfriend and we also had unprotected sex anyway i found out in June that i was 9 weeks pregnant my babys born now and she’s got most of the problems my boyfriend has and most of his features but she’s also white like the other guy and apparently looks like him too but im pretty sure shes my boyfriends? Who could be the dad?

  113. I got my period 2nd of August I sex with my husband 12th &13th and then I cheated on midnight of 15th now I ‘m 6 month pregnant and my due date is 3rd of May. Who’s a father of my child

  114. i was pregnant for three months then after i had sex with my ex-boyfriend now now my husband wants to take the kid to dna test to find out if the kid belong to him. so help me .

  115. hi.iam a mother of 9months baby girl.i got pregnant on29 of september and i did a pregnant test n it was positive.on 24 december same year.i had sex with another guy.on that time i was 3months pregnant.we used protection with the guy but he told me that.the condom was having a hole he scrashed it.when i got the child.she looks like the second guy that i slept with while i was 3months.she is like him everything.i mean everything and she doesn’t look like the first guy that i thought he impregnant me.they are totally different.and iam confused for real

  116. hi doc through the year I was having sex with my bf without protection “condom”because y we want a baby but in 2014 in november iv got I miscarge since that I didn’t get pregnant but we didn’t stop we have neva use protection through the year and in last year october iv cheat on him and have sex with someone els and we use condom if I could remember right but iv got my period in october last date was 21/10/2015 but me and my bf also had sex in octbr every single month days weeks sometimes twice s a day and on the 8th we had unprotected sex and iv found out on january that iam two months pregnant my due date is 29/7/2016 who’s the father ‘can it be my bf child or that guy help me soon as possible and wil the child born on tht day

  117. I had unprotected sex 5 years ago with my ex bf once,Is it possible that his dna be inside me until now and to our baby of my husband now?i am 3mos pregnant

  118. I had unprotected sex 5years ago once with someone but didn’t get pregnant. Now I am 3mos pregnant from my husband. Is it possible that the dna of the other guy still be inside me and has nfluence on my baby other than my husband’s?

  119. I had sex on January without condom then had sex again in march with condom ..but got pregnant then gave birth on december that means I got pregnant on march but I had protected sex

  120. I sleept with two man at the same day a sugar daddy then after a hour i sleept with my current boyfriend after later i found out that im pregnant who is the father

  121. I had sex with my husband a day after my period dat was September 24 and I saw my period again on 3rd of October could dat be implantation bleeding or wat….and also I had sex with my ex middle of October …I went for ultrasound around November and I was tod am 9weeks pregnant…who could be d dad my husband or my ex?

  122. Doctor , when I turned 19 I lost my virginity. Then I used to have lots and lots of
    Sex after. From then till now I have slept with 30 ladies. But since last two years
    When I turned 27 i realized my performance in bed has dropped from doing an hour to doing a minute or less… Pls I’d like to know what the problem is. I have not reported this case to any doctor, because first I dont even know the kind of doctor I should report to and secondly I have not being I’ll or anything of that sought. I am very strong and very healthy too… Please tell me what is happening ?

  123. Yes doc I was wondering since my baby’s daddy broke up with me and I’m 5 months pregant now and go to have sex with the guy I’m with now will it effect the DNA test when the baby is born if. he cums inside me?i was very nervous of asking this question but I wanted to make sure before he cums inside me would it effect the DNA when the baby is born I’m 18 years old and was curious

    1. Hi Brianna. No it will not effect the babies DNA. Once one sperm has entered the egg the egg becomes locked, blocking out all other DNA except for yours and the babies father. Good luck with your soon to be newborn and hopefully you’re getting some prenatal care!

      1. Hi doc, i am so much worried about my situation right now because i went for check up last week and they confirmed that i am pregnant 9 weeks means that i got impregnated by my husband by february. I love my husband so much but i got tempted by my ex and i slept with him last march 30 (last month). I just wanna know if what is the possibilities that will happen next? I am worried about the DNA or else maybe my baby will get some of my ex’s physical appearance.. I am so afraid that my baby will get affected by this sin that i commited to my husband, pls i need your advice for this doc.. Thank you so much..

      2. Hi Arriana. If you were already pregnant, even a day pregnant by your husband before you had sex with your ex then you have no worries. The baby will be 100% yours and your husbands. Relax and have a healthy pregnancy.

      3. My due date is oct 21 2016, I was 1 week pregnant on January 15 2016. I had sex with someone else on January 25. Will the father be with the guy I had sex with instead of my boyfriend’s.

  124. Hi doc, i am so much worried about my situation right now because i went for check up last week and they confirmed that i am pregnant 9 weeks means that i got impregnated by my husband by february. I love my husband so much but i got tempted by my ex and i slept with him last march 30 (last month). I just wanna know if what is the possibilities that will happen next? I am worried about the DNA or else maybe my baby will get some of my ex’s physical appearance.. I am so afraid that my baby will get affected by this sin that i commited to my husband, pls i need your advice for this doc.. Thank you so much..

  125. Hi I had unprotected sex with my partner on the 13th of December 2015 and on the 22 of December I cheated but the guy didn’t sperm inside of me again had sex on the 27 of december he spermed I took morning after pills within 10 hours…I am now 18 weeks pregnant who is the baby father 13th or22-27th is the father?

  126. Thank you sooo… much Dr i now found the answers for all my question i was feeling very confused about the daddydaddy DNA situation. Big Up To The Amazing Job U are doing.

  127. my friend discovered she’s a month pregnant, she doesn’t want d baby n so took drugs after much bleeding she did ultrasound only to find out d baby is still there n she now wants to have sex with another guy so he will cum inside her n probably terminate d pregnancy, my question is will d pregnancy be terminated if another guy put sperm inside her?

  128. Hello, I have a very serious question? I was 4 month pregnant with my baby daddy and he passed away since sept, and after 3 month I been talking to someone while I was 7 month pregnant and we been hangout until it’s happen and we been wear condom couple time and he give up with his condom than he put his sperm in me so do you think the DNA will find out who father ” baby daddy ” or someone else sperm while I was pregnant?

  129. If u have sex with ur boyfriend an he cum inside u then the next day around after 1:00 am u have sex with another guy an he cum inside more likely the baby would be who’s the first boy or the second one.

  130. Hello sir,
    My preg confirmed on aug ,28th 2015 4week in ultra scan in another 7 days new guy missed me for sex… Please let me after early preg confirmed did new sperm can change the dna of my baby

  131. I don’t know when I ovulate but I had sex with my boyfriend on February 14 and a week later had sex with a whOle different man now I’m 10 to 12 weeks pregnant

  132. Hi just want to ask if a woman is pregnant and have sex with a guy who’s not the father can a baby know he’s not the father can that cus her to feel pain during sex and after and after because he’s not the father

  133. hi i need an answer m in hard situation n m scared 2 talk abt it…i last saw my period 18march n i had unsafe sex wit my exbf on 30march and i went to my bf on 9april we had unsafe sex…so i jst found out dat m one month preg so who de father could be? My exbf or my bf

  134. Hey I have a question I know I sound dumb but I got so vulnerable I got pregnant September 16 of 2015 my baby’s father Denys the baby girl I’m have in 3 weeks I had sex with protection with this guy before him and he think it’s the guys before him baby I had Protected sex when I was 4-5 months then unprotected sex but he did not ejacqulate inside he pulled can he be the father of my lil girl I know he can’t be but I need answers my name is Jane doe

  135. I had sex with two guys but I thought it was my ex since we had sex around that time but my son comes out looking exactly like my new boy friend children and also has the health problems that run in his family . what does this mean ??

  136. hi… pls I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend during my fertility period around 14:00 hours and that same day when I got home my husband slept with me n cum in me around 20:00 hours and now am pregnant. ..pls will the pregnancy be for my boyfriend or husband

  137. I met (on the 20th sept) my ex girlfriend 6months after she gave birth to her first child, i slept with her on our first date, we had 2 rounds of sex, the first one we used a condom the 2nd we didn’t but i don’t remember coming inside of her (or small semen went inside) around about late oct and early novemeber she told me she missed her periods and is pregnant with my child…she gave birth on the 17th May the following year…and if i calculate she gave birth at 8months and our son weighed 3.9kg and was healthy…now my problem is that my son displays little characteristics of me…one ear of his looks a bit like mine the other looks a bit like my twin’s, the other thing is that he didn’t take much of me and his mother, he has his mother’s eyes’ and both toes and fingers looks like his mother. when we broke up, out of anger she said that the child wasn’t mine and she kept hurting me by telling me that i cant make kids, can this mean that she slept with an ex and me at the same time? when i won custody over my son she confessed in court that i am the biological father to the child and if she really wanted to hurt me she couldve brought the real “father”, my son is now 3 years old and he is starting to resemble me please help me i am confused

  138. Hi! Just to be certain my last period was from DEC. 4-10. I had sex with a guy dec12,2015 I’m unsure if we used protection that day. I then had intercourse with a guy Dec18. I’m now 27weeks 2days as of june12,2016. My ovulation calendar says my high chance of conception was DEC 17th median chance was the 12-18. I’m due sept.9,2016?

  139. I started having sex wit my current bf wen I was 3weeks pregnant and he use to come inside me everytime,we had sex everyweek until I gave birth.the baby looks like my current bf,how did that happen?

  140. Hi am actually freaking out .i cheated on my bf while i was ovulating and i fell pregnant.sicne it was a one time thing i continue with my bf.but i and my bf was fully aware that the baby is not his.its been 14yrs now and the father of the child has been taking good care of the child with no doubts..THE problem now is the child was ask to provide a DNA in one of the embassy am so worried what if it turns our my bf is the father after 14yrs.where do i start.besides my bf was not arround when i fell pregnant and he only came few weeks latter.and we are all happily marrried.

  141. I got pregnant but not long after got back with my ex ( which is now my husband and already have a child with) and since the baby was born everybody says the baby looks just like my husband. They look alike, have the same hair and looks just like his other kids when they were younger. So can it be possible that the baby will get his traits? I would really like to know why he looks just like my husband if I was already pregnant.

  142. Hey doctor.Am so worried i had unprotected sex with my x and am 2 months pregnant.Can his genes affect my unborn??and well i have read above and seen it cant but still am not convinced and i feel like doing arbortion.If not where did his sperms go to bearing in mind sperms last in the stomach upto to 5days.During this 5days there is no way a child can adapt the features of my x fact the his sperms surround my womb??And what of the seminal fluid??Couldnt it have same effect on the child.Is there way this sperms can reach my child when the cervix is closed??Am so afraid plis help.Have shared with people who have done the same and they claim their child looks like this second partner n this scares me.

  143. i had sex with my gf on ovulation day and single day before. but my gf had sex with another guy 4-5 days before final ovulation day … who is the father ofvthe child

  144. Hi i had my iud taken out the 23rd of may i slet with my husband and he finished inside me almost everynight… On the 8th of june i had an afair bit my lover did not finish inside me… I kept on having sex with my husband and he always finished inside me… On the 24th of june i had another afair but he did not finosh inside…. Now i found out im about 3 weeks pregnant… Could my lover be the dad….

  145. What bad does having unprotected sex with a man who’s not a baby dad do to a baby during pregnancy, please tell me ecerything you can possibly tell me. I need to know desperately

    Thank you.

  146. Ok so i have a question… I had sex with one guy early june. Found out he was a liar of all sorts. After two weeks i met someone else and had unprotected sex with him. About two weeks later i found out i was pregnant. Went to a doctor the middle of july and he said i was 5 weeks pregnant. Who could the father be? The first guy or the second?

  147. Ok it may sound dumb and I read through all your things saying it can’t be possible but I ended up pregnant with a guy that was only around a short time and left then ended up finding a man who actually stuck by myside and loved me knowing I was already pregnant well I had my baby and honestly he looks just like my new boyfriend he has his dimples dark hair fat face and his hazel eyes looks just just like him and everyone even points that out not knowing are you sure positive that there is no chance it could be his because he wants a DNA test and does believe some way possible it could be his and so do I with it looking just just like him

    1. I’m absolutely positive that the DNA of your baby will only be from you and his father. The baby can look like whoever you want it to look like, but that doesn’t change the fact that genetically the baby is yours and the guy who got you pregnant.

  148. Hello Dr.
    My girlfriend is married already. She have twins child. Her period time finished approx. 7or8july2016. After one weak she meet me on 15july2016. We get the sex continues up to 24july2016. But between these sexes I gave her a pill tab on dated 18july2016. When she checked with the pregnancy tester it will be appear two line and also period is not happen till date. Now my Question is that if her husband sex with her and drop the sperm inside. Who will be the baby father me or her husband. Because she doesn’t want to drop that baby and also I need that child. Any harm of the baby during her husband sex with her. Because she cannot stop. Your husband for long time. Baby DNA will be change or not and who will be the baby father. Please help me. I am very trouble.

  149. Well I was 9 weeks pregnant when I started having sex with my now husband at the moment and we had unprotected sex my whole pregnancy my baby came out looking just like my husband and not the one I was pregnant by he’s cuban she looks Cuban with the hair and all they look exactly alike

    1. If you were already 9 weeks pregnant than the DNA of the baby will be from you and the guy you got pregnant by with absolutely zero percent coming from your husband. Babies often look like what we want them to look like, much like dogs tend to resemble their owners.

  150. I am two weeks pregnant and the man I believe it is his says that the doctor says he can’t have babies but i had sex with my ex boyfriend is there a possibility that it’s the man baby or my ex boyfriend.thank you

  151. Yes I had sex on 16th and the 17th of,this month with my current boyfriend. We broke up and I ended up having sex with my ex on the 19. The day after I started feeling anxiety and started having white discharge and alot of it to where I coups open up and see it dripping out. Does this,mean im pregnant or was I ovulating and need to buy a plan b pill?

  152. I had my flow on 24 July and I slept with my ex on 29 in my free period n secondly slept with my husband on 30 July 2016 n 7 August 2016 and am pregnant now who is e father

  153. I Had Sex With A Guy On The 17 Of March But We Were Drunk && Then I Had Sex With My Boyfriend On The 18th && 19th I Went To The Doctor April 3 && They Said I Was Pregnant I Ovulated On March 20th Who Could Be The Father ?

  154. Hi, I had my last period on Feb 9, 2016. I had sex with my husband the whole last week of Feb. I met my ex on March 9.. That day I had sex with ex I already missed my period, on March 12 i did a pregnancy test it was positive, on March 12 I went for ultrasound I’m 4wks pregnant and they were twins. Both babies are the same week if you count my last period and same whats on ultrasound everytime. Could you possibly tell who the father is? Thank you

  155. I am not dumb.

    But i have a real question.

    Me and my now wife got together when she was in the early stages of pregnancy.
    I took responsibility for that child she was growing.

    Now that baby is a year and a half old.

    When my wife her baby daddy and myself go out in public everyone says the baby looks more like me then him. Without any previous knowledge and without me holding the baby or me and my wife holding hands. From the outside we looks like 2 guys hanging out with a girl and her 1 year old.

    Why is it she looks more like me then him?

    1. Some people say that when you’re around someone long enough, especially a baby, they tend to look more like you. I believe this could be the case. It’s obviously not your biological child, but the three of you spend so much time together and share so much space that’s it’s possible the baby looks more like the men she’s around the most.

  156. I had sex around the time i conceived with 2 guys my ex and the person i started dating.. The new guy incident was on Aug 26 2015 and me and my ex last slept together after my period which was around the 9th thru maybe the 20th. My baby is already here and although i did a paternity test and confirmed my ex as her father she looks nothing like him and a lot like my date a the time. At birth she was his twin and now she’s almost 4 months and her feautures are still there i have no clue why!! If paternity test put my ex as the biological father. I appreciate the feedback it literally drives me crazy on a daily basis.

  157. I got my last monthly period on date 14 december and it lasted on date 18 of 2015 ,then on date 25 i had unprotected sex up to the morning of date 26,,then on date 29 i had another unprotected sex with another guy ,,then my question is ,,who will be the father of the baby am carrying?? and this is the 9th month of september 2016,,,,the child is almost to be born and i dont know the father of my child,,please help me??

  158. Hi I was 7 weeks pregnant and after 7 weeks pregency I had sex with my boyfriend is it effect on DNA test now I give birth to a baby Because my husband wants to DNA test now I am scared is it right to go ahead for DNA and baby belongs with my husband is there any possibility that baby ‘s DNA different from my husband ?beacuse I conceive baby from my husband

  159. My partner had her last menstrual on 28thjune 2016 and she is pregnant now. So how old is the pregnancy?

  160. I was in a relationship for almost three years, We were working on the same company but not on the same building. She was on night shift, i’m on morning. I got promoted and it took me almost three months to adjust the new work load, schedule, task, etc. While I was busy, she also attended a fire brigade training. We seldom date. When i have problems, i talk to her but we always argue because of different opinions. One night she called said she wanted a break up. That night, i wasn’t able to sleep. I realized everything that i didn’t have time for her and didn’t have time to care for her anymore, it was my fault.. We talked, i asked her the reasons why it has to end. I cried and the heartbreak was unbearable. I reached out for one week visiting her everyday in her house. The first week all i see was a cold and frozen heart. Like a heart made of stone. No feelings anymore. Until a friend of mine introduced me to DOCTOR ISIBOR, he is indeed a great and mighty man,he is true to his words and down to earth despite his unimaginable powers,he told me what to do and everything went as planned, my lover came back to me begging and settled with me and was happy again because of the reunion. I will forever be greatful to him, you can contact him on his emai @, or through his website,website:

  161. Hi doc..I have a few questions that has been bugging me. So on November 22,2016 I had sex with this guy I’d been dating for months. On the 26th of November I had a period(more of spotting & on and off) I had sex with the same guy on December 12, 2016. We had an argument the day after and I evened up sleeping with this other guy on the 16th. On January 5,2016 I found out that I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Once I went to the doctor, my OB told me that my first trimester started on November 26, 2015 & on December 12, I was two weeks pregnant and ovulation happened on the 10th of December…my questions are, how do you actually determine the date of ovulation? Was the first day of my period/spotting the right ovulation date? & shouldn’t it be the first guy baby if I was 5 1/2 weeks on January the 5th? Can I get impregnate from pre cum?

    1. Hi Krystal. I am not a OB/GYN so I can’t really answer your medical questions. It appears from he dates you gave me that the first guy should be the father, but once the baby is born, if their are still questions and if you want a definitive answer, than a DNA test is the way to go.

  162. hi doc. i hv a child whom i had sex with her mother unprotectedly on 22nd &26th of nov. 2010 she ran away a week later nd came back with a 6months old child nd said dat am d biological father of d child, due to pressure nd d look of dat child as of dat time i welcomed responsbility of d child buh later on i heard dat they once took d child nd d mother to her ex nd d guy rejected d child before approaching me, am confused brcoz d child was born on 6th june 2011 while we met on 22&26 of nov. 2010. nd also he (the child) took my resemblance in his forehead nd eyes, dat was d only conviction dat made me to accept d child buh i still believe within me dat d child is not mine coz not too lobg d gurl took in again for another guy after two years of d first child she denies me seeing d child uptill now nd her father won’t accpt us conductibg a DNA test. pls tell me anything coz am so confused.

    1. A DNA test is the best way to determine if you are the father or not. Do not allow her father to bully you out of it. Also, you can get a DNA test done without anyone knowing about it. It’s best that you know for sure one way or the other.

  163. Hello,
    I am 40 days pregnent to my husband tat is i had my last periods wich started on 6th september and today tat is 16 th october wen i checked with pregnency tester i got positive result.Last week tat is october 12th or 13th i had sex wit my new boy fren so does tat effect my baby’s dna or any other problmz wud i get bec of tis..plz help me out

  164. hy My name is precious pls I need your help last year August 2015 I broke up with my boyfriend and November 20 I met some guy fell in love we had sex since without using a protection on 29 June I found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant is it possible my ex could be the father coz wen last we broke up we didn’t use protection my mind says its not his .other says what if its his it doesn’t make sense coz he says I broke up. March or February with him and I know I broke up last year with him.

    1. If you and your boyfriend were broken up for longer than 6 months from June 29th then he is most likely not the father. From the dates you’ve given me, if you guys broke up in August I don’t see how he could be the father.

  165. I was messing with two men at the same time I am four weeks pregnant, I still had a period septemeber 2016 but now in october 2016 i am pregnant i was having sex while on period because it was not heavy with my boyfriend and after I had sex with another man due to breaking up with my boyfriend…can i get a dna test while pregnant because i dont want to have both thinking its theres

    1. I do not believe technology has advanced that far to have a DNA test done while you are still pregnant. You’ll have to wait until the baby is born to do the test. Until then just be honest with both guys and say you’re not sure who the father is. They’ll get an answer soon enough.

      1. I have sort of a similar story…. I had sex with 2 men in the same week and now im pregnant… I just wish I knew who sperm got me pregnant… Had sex with 1 guy on the 25th and another guy on the 28th… The dr said I conceived on the 2nd of the next month

  166. I’m scared to have a DNA I’m black and slept with a coloured guy when I was 6 weeks my baby’s hair was curled and starting to be straight. ..could she really be a coloured or its just me

    1. If you were already pregnant when you slept with the other guy, it will have no effect on your baby. Who ever the original guy was that got your pregnant is the father and only his and your DNA came together to make your baby.

      1. pls i got pregnant by my husband in october by december i was raped by robbers..pls who is d real father of my child?…….my child doesnt look like my husband atall….pls help me am scared of a dna text

      2. Get a DNA test. It will help you move to the next level. I am so sorry you got raped, but if your husband loves you then he will understand and the two of you will raise this child together and your husband will be the FATHER and not just the daddy. Good luck.

  167. Also thought it won’t change the baby but she look exactly like the coloured guy and nothing like her father..the hair u can tell she’s mixed and the face also…she is nothing like me and her dad..she has all features of the other guy…don’t know how it happened…well was 6 weeks when slept with the coloured guy.. And at 10 weeks when I went to see the Dr he said there was something he did not understand and Refed me to a gynae..3 days later I visited a gynae and said everything was OK..I’m just confused..will my baby ever look like her father or she’ll remain a coloured

  168. so if you ain’t sure who is the father..can you count on who the baby will look like if he looks like other one it shows is his child

  169. Hi doc,I was 2months pregnant with my ex before we separated, since then i was having unprotected sex with my bf till i gave birth. The child is 4years now and my ex is back for the child but he want a DNA that prove the child does not have my bf blood in her DNA.please is there a probability that the DNA will show the child has my bf blood.

  170. i had unprotected sex with my first partner once and i think at tht time i conceived,and my second partner twice and both unprotected sex,so is it possible to appear on the DNA test tht my second partner is the father?

  171. Hey I need help, I slept with my bf 18,19th may and on the 4th june I got a period then on the 21st june slept with my ex and September 29 I did a scan it said I’m 16weeks5days pregnant and due 11march 2017 who stands a chance of being dad?? Tnx

  172. Hello doc….I need some mental peace that shall surely come with your advice…I had sex in March with different partner (an African) but conceived in June with my husband (and Asian)…would my baby look and African or Asian?

  173. hey doc am from Kenya n am wishing so bad to have a baby girl n I was reading abt all these old wives tales especially the baking soda test which showed i ts a boy n then my baby daddy is a womanizer sleeping with many different women so I was wondering can he really father a male kid coz we tried for so long to get pregnant n even miscarriages at really hoping for a girl n I crave for sweet things..nausea but no vomiting n also I like sleeping a lot n am 4mnths n my appetite is lost n my breasts are sore

  174. Im 23 weeks pregnant and i have been dating this guy fo almost 2 years now.we have unprotected sex everytime we want and there was the time i fell in love with another guy around May last year and i had unprotected sex with him in July but he didn’t ejaculate in me .then 2 days later i had my period and it was normal. In the Mid August, i believe i was in the fertility window and i had sex with my boyfriend and he ejaculated in me in every round then i missed my next period. Right now im kinda confused if my boyfriend is the father of the baby now or the other guy i slept with. .

    1. I’m 2 months pregnant wit my ex child nw I hv a boyfriend nd we have an unprotectd sex he alwys cum in me, can the baby change from ex to him help desperate

  175. On d 9th of July I slept wit my Ex and then on d 5th of August i slept with another guy so i only noticed dat m pregnant on September but i don’t know who z d father it was all a Once off thing but whn last month i slept with wt d same guy dat i slept with on July n he thinks he z d father he z expecting d baby on April m confused

  176. Hello i have a question if your last period was on the 14th november last year and you sleep with your boyfriend after period is over and you come to realized in december last year you miss your period right an then went with another guy around the 17th of december last year but the 2nd guy didnt leave his sperm inside of you an 3 weeks later you found out your 7 weeks pregnant confirmed by your doctor does that make the 2nd guy having a possibility of being a potential father of the baby also even though he didnt ejaculate inside of you i was just thinking thats why i ask

  177. My gf and I had sex on the 6 november and have a normal periods after that. Again we had sex on the 27 of January and she find out she is 2 months pregnant on th 1st of February. She told me she had sex with other guy during december. So now im confuse what if the baby is mine not the guy she cheated with? Please help me

  178. I think it is more shocking that a grown woman had the audacity to come on here and bash a young girl. Since you call yourself a professional your pretty ignorant yourself. It scares me to see people in the health field who are so desensitized and ignorant to the people they are suppose to be caring for. people who are suppose to be professional are not so professional. To come on her and blog about it, for what?? Is this suppose to be educational? I think you could have done so a lot better and your own words you stated which clearly isn’t her fault she isn’t educated on the subject but in the same breathe people are stupid. You should find another occupation sweetheart clearly being a counselor isn’t the one for you!

  179. hi doc…my bf had unprotected sex in November wit some1 els and the girl says dat she is 6months preg is it possible to b the father? i doubt or maybe the Dna of the child would change and take his genes? pls help am in akward possition now dnt knw wat to do nd i love him…he says hes waiting for the child to b born and do dna’s….pls hlp

    1. Hi Tebogo. Unfortunately your boyfriend is right. The only way to be certain is to have a DNA test. The child’s DNA cannot change. If it’s his child it was his child from the very start of the pregnancy. Good luck.

  180. I see everyone says DNA can’t change..byt but it did with my baby…fell pregnant when I was already 8 weeks of d babies vanished in the womb and gave birth to one….she is like the second guy everything…I mean everything she is him

  181. Hello my name is Dallas n I just wanted to say if u has sex with ur dad n then like u stop for awhile then like u find a boy friend…… then the guy would get u pregnant how would the baby come out ??😕

  182. Hi i wanted to knwo somethng, ive been in love with this girl and now we have 5 yrs being together but early this year i found out that she had unprotected sex with a guy i dont know if she was already pregnant or before, because the guy claims that the child its his and last week i just found a recorded conversation between her and that guy not denying that his the father but when i ask her she says i am the father so i want to know if it is possible that its his child or mine cz the child has 3yrs now and she calls me father.

  183. THE BABYS DNA IS CHANGED ,,,!!! women have been doinng this since the beginning of time… few studies from otopsy have shown MALE SEMEN DNA in side females brain tissue.. this girl is not foolish ,, she is correct

  184. I have a 15 month old son who looks absolutely nothing like his biological father it makes me so sad especially because his 2 prior kids look just like him. I feel my son favors the man I was with before my husband. We agreed on the first DNA test and got the results we wanted . I then went behind his back and did another DNA test through a whole different company using his toothbrush and still got 99.9999999. My concern is why does my son look like this other man? And is it possible for this other guy to match every alle cite as my son’s? can 2 men match at every site?

  185. My boyfriend had a baby girl in 2010. He said he had a protect sex and condom bursted it was on the 27 December 2009. He gave her morning after pill. But that girl come and say she’s pregnant by his child. They done DNA test it come positive. My confusion is when I check she was suppose to give birth on the 19 september 2010 but she dues on the 5 September 2010. Is possible he could be a father

  186. Hi there. I stumbled upon this website looking for a little bit different of an answer. My boyfriend has in his head that the partners that I have had before him have left behind their DNA inside of me and it has altered my very own DNA? Is this possible? Is it possible for me to have a baby and it be made of multiple men?

    1. No, it is impossible for you to have a baby made of multiple men UNLESS in the very unlikely who you have two fraternal twins (two different eggs) that get fertilized by by two different men (one each). That is extremely rare. The other men you have been with HAVE NOT left their DNA inside of you and who ever you have a baby with will be yours and his alone, that is it. The baby will be made up of DNA that is exactly half his and half yours.

  187. I was dating a guy and we breaked up on 28th April, then on 29th I met my ex-boyfriend and we had unprotected sex and I traveld and fell ill and I went to the hospital on the 9th of May and was told I’m 4 weeks 1 day pregnant and I’m still with my ex-boyfriend who baby is it and can it change to my new guy’s baby.

  188. Hii doc I slept with my gf on Monday morning and another man slept with her on that same day i.e Monday night and she unfortunately concieved I’m wondering whose baby is it mine or his

  189. Hie,my friend was 2 weeks pregnant and confirmed coz she did a test,then she slept with another guy,now shez worried if there’s a possibility that the baby wud look like the 2 nd guy she slept with

  190. Hi,
    I had my last period February 18. I slept with my boyfriend all the end of February and the beginning of March. On March 17 and March 20, I took two home pregnancy test since my period was late and they both say I was pregnant. I had lots of cramps and abdominal pain March 21, 22 and 23. I went to my Ob on March 23 and he said I was 4 weeks pregnant. I’m now 22 weeks 5 days. On March 28, I had one night stand with another guy. Who’s the father, my boyfriend or the one night stand guy?

  191. Well that shows the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree with elders. For you to be a professional worker and posting this, have you ever heard of confidentiality and what if she was to see this.??? You’re calling her ignorant and getting way out of your professional character. Maybe she wasn’t educated well, that doesn’t mean down talk her on the internet. You’re degrading a young adult, if she didn’t agree with what you said you didn’t have to post this. As an adult and a professional worker you should be ashamed of yourself. What goes around comes around, your children may be next.

  192. My guy told me am pregnant when we were having sex and i retaliate by saying my menstruation is on the way coming that’s why my breast is stiff. Days turns to week and my menstruation couldn ‘t come. Accidentally i met with a friend and we were all drunk to the extent that we couldn’t refrain our selves from sex.Days later i did a text and got to know am truely pregnant. My guy now said we should go for blood test on the unborn child a carrying i my

  193. When another guy have sex with a pregnant woman then released into her, will the child look like the guy or the one who got her pregnant??

  194. I had an unprotected sex with my bf (now ex) on the 6th but he did not come inside me, a day just after I finished my periods on the 5th October 2017. Then 12th October I had an unprotected sex with my current bf, he came inside of me. I took morning after pills on Saturday the 14th October, but I still fell pregnant. I am now 21 weeks pregnant. Who is the father?

  195. I had unprotected sex with a girl on 10/11/2017 once, but to my surprise the gal delivered 4/5/2018……..can there be any assurance that this baby is mine?

  196. Dumb question but funny , because my friend ask me this bs. Let’s say you have sex with guy #1 And he find insidr you? But a few days later have sex with guy #2 who will actuallt get you pregnant?

  197. So…

    You really expect me to believe smoking and even eating a packet of crisps (diet) can effect a babies dna but…

    Another man jizzing all inside her can not (when sex can cause cancer, stds and all sorts), YEA RITE…

    That is bullshit, of course fuck loads of another mans cum to sprayed into the same hole the baby is up can affect the babies DNA, don’t care what science says, as scientific opinion always bloody changes anyway.

    My school friend got pregnant for a Ugandan man then cheated with a ginger with a hand deformity and she popped out a Black baby with ginger hair and a spastic hand…


    Recessive genes my arse mate, that ginge corrupted her baby with his ginger dna – facts!

    It is real.

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